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Is it worth the hassle?

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Minx179 Tue 26-Jul-11 20:34:56

DS has finished school this year.

I had submitted a Stage two complaint against his school. The schools response is a joke and like a sieve with the number of errors.

Though DS has finished school I am prepared to take the complaint further however, DH thinks I should just leave it; he thinks I made my point and should move on, friend who is ex teacher and accompanied me to meeting with Head(s)/GB thinks I've given the school a good kick up the arse and something to think about.

For those of you who have taken complaints further is it worth it? I am aware that all the organisations have the same paymaster and will collude against the evidence presented.
Or would you drop it if you were in my position?

If I drop the complaint at this stage is there anything that would prevent me from sticking the school info online if I remove identifying features?

Agnesdipesto Tue 26-Jul-11 21:51:55

There is no-one really who oversees schools, they can pretty much do as they like.
You can complain to the Governors, but then only to the Secretary of State (Gove).
The only exception is if your school is in one of the pilot areas for the local government ombudsman.
The last govt decided an Ombudsman should be able to look at schools, then Cameron came in and reversed the legislation - the pilot is still running but only in a few areas - look at LGO website
However if the Council were also at fault eg not implementing a statement etc then you can go to LGO about the council - but not the school

Minx179 Tue 26-Jul-11 22:27:41

Thanks Agnes

Have already complained to GB - spineless, don't think they dare say anything against the head, not that I would expect them to openly criticise him. Head of GB and SEN gov both seemed pretty vacant on a number of issues, especially on policy.

DS only got a statement 3 weeks before finishing school, so don't have any evidence that the LEA didn't implement the statement.

Our area is covered by LGO. I'll give them and ACE a bell tomorrow.

I'm just loathe to let the school keep complaints in house.

hannahsmummsy Wed 27-Jul-11 21:56:24

I feel same way , the school have totaly messed up my dd s education , I want answers , they are refusing to asseses , I have decided even if they decided to give dd 1 to 1 the whole school day (very unlikley) im still going to appeal , it does feel like a lot of hastle for her last year of school , but im fed up of getting the blame for all her sn , I want answers , dd deserves answers and I wont rest until I get them . i dont blame you.

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