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ds's transport

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Calally Mon 25-Jul-11 11:33:23

ive posted on previous threads re ds's transport issues. and in june he was removed completely from the morning run, and from sept will be going on a bus by himself, ( ds has diff driver in morn and afternoon ). so this week he's at summer scheme, in the school, run by the education board ( who provide the transport ) so i wasnt even sure if the bus was gonna turn up for him. so bus arrives, and ds is running down the path, and i realise the driver is the 1 he had in the afternoon, well the look on his face said it all. he obviously didnt realise it was ds he was coming to pick up. as soon as he seen us, he lifted his phone, and was very animated, didnt look happy. i can only assume he was speaking to transport.

so im sitting waiting for a report when he comes back later, although if the same driver brings him home, im sure he wont hold back. tried ringing school, but no answer. im just dreading them saying, they wont transport him, because of his behaviour ( which can range from making himself sick, which he used to do, but hasnt done for ages. and high pitched screaming, which is why he was removed in june, as it was disturbing the other children )

i just feel so upset and alone. ds doesnt understand

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 25-Jul-11 11:57:18

Are they saying they won't transport him because of behavioural issues? They must be used to all sorts of behavioural problems, surely? Good luck with it today, hopefully they can sort out an individual taxi or something?

Calally Mon 25-Jul-11 12:06:02

he was removed back in march due to making himself sick. when he was reisnstated all went well. but he craves adult attention, and will do whatever it takes to get it. so he started this high pitched prolonged screaming (which he does at home & school ) and it was upsetting the other children. he was removed from the morning run, and on the afternoon run someone from the school was coming home with him. but theres nothing like that in place for the summer scheme. i actually dont think they were aware he was being picked up, otherwise i think they would have refused. just have to wait

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