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For those who have/are thinking of complaining to the Local Government Ombudsman LGO

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TheTimeTravellersWife Sat 23-Jul-11 21:46:16

I came across this blog from a less than satisfied complainant:

It makes uncomfortable reading.

Does anyone have any (hopefully positive) experiences of complaining to the LGO? After reading this blog, I am not sure that it is really worth it. They seem rather "toothless" at best.

beautifulgirls Sun 24-Jul-11 10:01:45

I have complained to the LGO and didn't get a good outcome. All they did was hear me out, say they understood my frustrations and then told me there was nothing they could do about it. No wonder the LA get away with all sorts.

appropriatelytrained Sun 24-Jul-11 10:16:36

I had a terrible experience. The LA did not have provision in place and I pursued a complaint on the basis that this was unlawful - the result was a two page summary suggesting how these things take time some time and the LA had not unreasonably delayed. It also failed to note the fact that my son was out of school waiting for this provision so he could get back into school and produced a timetable from the LA to suggest provision was in place.

It was two months AFTER this timetable that my son's provision was finally in place.

I got the LGO's file and all the woman did was write and say 'is his provision nin place yet' - several times while the LA sent emails telling them how difficult I was.

I have asked for a review and I'm compiling a letter at the moment but I don't hold my breath.

This is why LAs and schools don't give a toss. LGO complaints our worthless and Ofsted aren't even interested in complaints from parents

So who do you turn to when everyone starts lying?

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