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Tonights meal is chocolate and wine

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rebl Thu 21-Jul-11 19:11:42

What a fricking hard day I've had, and quite frankly on top of the paed crap on Tuesday I have had enough. Was sports day today and ds couldn't do it due to the hip so I picked him up at lunchtime. OMG he was in an odd and foul mood. I've been hit, kicked and bitten. I've been thumped in the face. I've given up keeping clothes on him. He's run off during dd's swimming lesson, he's normally in after school club, so she'll be missing that next week as he won't be in club. He's not responded in his normal way to anything. He's thrown handfulls of gloopy mud at the house. He's wet himself 3 times in 6 hours. He spat every mouthfull of his dinner out and wouldn't stop.

I haven't eatten and can't be bothered to cook or even go and face the kitchen and the playroom and state its all in. I'm seriously contemplating dinner for me and dh being a box of chocolates (which I've already eaten 1/3 of blush) and a glass of wine.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Thu 21-Jul-11 19:31:21

Sorry, rebl, that's no fun. How are you feeling about the holidays? Are there any SN holiday clubs or SN trips you could get on? Chocolate and wine will just give you a headache and make you feel worse, so pass them over to me, thanks. grin

rebl Thu 21-Jul-11 19:41:24

Dreading the holidays. This afternoon was a taster with dd already broken up and ds at home from school. DD really wasn't helping the situation by winding him up at every possible moment.

We have nothing in place to help us through the holidays even though it was raised back in May that we need help through the holidays. The person who was meant to help sort it seems to have vanished off the face of the earth. If I have to I'll have to drive 250 miles to my parents and stay there. I don't get alot of help there but at least then there are 3 adults to 2 children in the house and they do actually cook and stuff so I don't need to be distracted in the kitchen which is when ds was really kicking off today. I'm considering stocking the freezer with a load of pre-cooked meals this weekend so I can get easy meals on the table.

silverfrog Thu 21-Jul-11 20:17:39

oh rebl, it sounds so hard.


definitely stock the freezer as much as you can. it is my mainstay for periods where I know dd1 will be distracted/not at her best.

<I did this while pregnant with dd1 too - so efficiently (we had a chest freezer back then) that I didn't have to cook until she was abotu 4 months old! grin it was a lifesaver, tbh>

can yuo involve your ds in anything outdoorsy - the mess doesn't mater so much then. would he help you dig a veggie patch (I know its a bit late, but somethign quick growing like radishes would still yield results) - outdoors, so noise doesn't seem as bad, loads of energy worked off etc?

would your dd sit and do crafty stuff at the table, with you keeping a weather eye and chipping in with help every so often, while you tackle (not literally!) your ds?

rebl Thu 21-Jul-11 21:40:12

He's still up and has managed to flood the bathroom and has trashed his room sad. What is up with him today? He's worse than normal.

I can't easily describe him the last few days but its like he's not here. Its really odd.

hannahsmummsy Thu 21-Jul-11 21:55:22

Is he stressed by the routine of not going to school , my dd hates school and loves holidays but I have asd and couldent cope without the routine of not going to school , if that makes any sense. going to your parents sounds like a good idea , its always harder on your own xxx

cory Fri 22-Jul-11 07:49:53

Oh poor thing, and poor you! I do hope he settles down. Easy meals seem the way to go- or your parents.

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