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AtYourCervix Thu 21-Jul-11 18:08:41

I'm sure I saw a thread about this recently but I can't find it.

So - What do I do about it?

DD will NOT throw anything away.

I just mentioned that her horrible holey too tight trousers could go straight in the bin tonight and I'd get her new ones before next term and she was horrified hmm

her room is full to the brim with clothes which are knackered and too small and toys she hasn't looked at or played with for years.

The odd occasions I have a secret weed and take a bag to the charity shop have resulted in instant need for said items and week long meltdowns.

I have handed each of the DDs 2 black bags this evening and told them to fill them - one for rubbish and one for the charity shop. DD2 is not happy.

So how do I persuade her to have a sort out? It really is getting to the point where you can't walk across her floor any more.

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