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Day 1 of hols, and tears already.

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queenoffairies Thu 21-Jul-11 15:05:24


From DD1 (14), who isn't very good with change of routines. She was all worked up from the moment she woke (6.15) and then eventually broke down around half past eight - and cried for two hourssad

She is already working herself up about going into Y10 and starting GCSEs, and is now upstairs reading her many revision guides. I don't remember last year being like this, I think the older she is getting, the more anxious, withdrawn and emotional she is becoming. But, she still refuses to go back to CAMHS, so we try to struggle on.

Just moaning really sad

MugglesandLuna Thu 21-Jul-11 16:36:12

Poor you sad.

Is it too early for wine?

What have you got to look forward to over the holidays? Are you going away? Try and focus on that. Thats my mantra anyway.

queenoffairies Thu 21-Jul-11 16:55:34

Thanks Muggles. We are away camping for a few days next week, so I am trying to get her to focus on that. It was just so upsetting to see her crying so much, and due to her speech problems, being unable to tell me properly what was wrong. I actually don't think she even knew herselfsad

And never too early for wine wink

coff33pot Thu 21-Jul-11 17:02:27

awww Hugs for you a dd x

The camping sounds great as it will be a totally different enviroment so just might take her mind of things and give you a brief rest smile

If she is panicking about studying and exams but likes the routine of school would it help to go along with it? In the sense of saying lets help you out then. And make a study timetable as such with excercise/fresh air inbetween? Test her on things and give her lots of praise to boost her confidence. I know you are obviously taking her worries seriously bless her but maybe this added support might make her feel better? x

queenoffairies Thu 21-Jul-11 17:52:06

Coff - she already has made a timetable, planned for the entire Y10. I managed to talk her down from 5 hours a day studying at home.....

And yes, it is much easier to go along with her - within reason. She knows she is studying one of my favourite books, so we have spent time already discussing it (English is her weakest subject, as she is very very literal and can't interpret hidden meanings very well). She is allowed £10 per month to spend on her iPod (any more than that comes out of her pocket money), and when i recently went on it to check something, I realised that she hadnt been buying music like i thought, but no end of gcse apps, study guides etc. grin

She did cheer up today, we assembled her new bed - and she took great delight in putting all the nuts and bolts in which i then had to redo when she wasnt looking grin

Thanks for letting me moan, I feel a little better too smile

coff33pot Thu 21-Jul-11 18:27:30 my attempt at helping!! grin

Moan away! We all need it! We are at opposites here my DD is two years ahead of herself and freaks out when she gets a wrong answer because she cant understand to fail something and my DS looks at a pencil as if it is going to burn his fingers if he picks one up grin

queenoffairies Thu 21-Jul-11 18:42:15

grin at your DS!

rebl Thu 21-Jul-11 19:15:36

Have a wine. I'll join you.

queenoffairies Thu 21-Jul-11 19:58:23

<clunks glass with rebl> smile

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