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Oxacarbamazipine in 15 month old - Anyone any advice.

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sneezecakesmum Wed 20-Jul-11 20:16:03

I am trying to help a mum in america who's LO has pretty mild CP (hemi) and focal fits (last one led to a major one). He has been put on the above on its own, and is very restless at night (not like him).

I've read this drug (in USA) is for focal fits singly from the age 4 or with another med age 2-4. So why such a young child on this one??

Bless her she thinks I know lots of stuff as I'm a nurse with DGS with CP, but sadly know zilch about epilepsy on a personal level, just general stuff from working in A&E.

His MRI showed bits of damage dotted about and he appears to have sleep apnea, (wakes ups gasping (??fit related, and not sleep related?) and hypothyroidism as some damage to the pituitary gland.

Otherwise a happy little lad who is able to crawl and pull to standing, so good on the physical front. Poor mum is devestated with the seizure stuff - have told her of course, to discuss this with the paeds but as you know, its all so overwhelming as he was rushed into hospital fitting recently, hence medicated now.

Just think the poor girl is needing reassurance tbh so trying to prop her up a bit smile

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