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What would you do?? DSD's medication runs out before we see consultant and we may not get any til then!!

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buttons99 Wed 20-Jul-11 14:55:16

I wondered if anyone else can offer advice.

My DSD takes eqyasym XL. She has dx for ADHD/Autism. Rang today to ask for repeat perscription (as have done many times in past) and was told "We have sent you an appt to bring her for reassesment in August and so do you have enough til then?" Counted up and no we don't. Need 27 got 21. So tells the lady this and she says "Well aren't there days you don't give her it and what about holiday days, don't you not give her them then?" I told her we give them every day as prescribed (which she seemed most surprised about!)

So she said she would see what she could do but because the way this particular medicine has now to be prescribed she couldn't promise to get them to us before we run out. Surely the fact they are so strong and a controlled drug means, to me anyway, that DSD should be taking it every day and not being messed about and taken hit and miss.

Firstly does anyone have experience of the effect taking a child off Equasym has and secondly would you accept this or take it further??

I am interested in the effects of her coming off the medication anyway as it has been mentioned before that would we be interested in trying her without it and to be honest it worries me greatly. Both for DSD's side but also for the rest of the family. Thanks for any advice.

Claw3 Wed 20-Jul-11 15:26:37

Found this on Equasym XL


If there has been no improvement in the child's symptoms after one month of treatment with this medicine it should be stopped. Where symptoms have improved, the medicine should be stopped from time to time, usually at least once a year, so that the child's condition can be assessed, and to check if the medicine is still needed. However, in both cases, this medicine must not be stopped suddenly without your doctor's advice, as this could unmask symptoms such as depression and overactivity in the child. When stopping treatment, the medicine should be withdrawn gradually, following the instructions given by your doctor.

keepingupwiththejoneses Wed 20-Jul-11 20:29:39

I was given the option of everyday or just weekdays for ds2. We decided to give everyday. We have never had a break in medication to assess, like in what is said in claws post. We have however had a break as ds wasn't putting on weight, this was only for a few weeks. Ds has been on meds for 5 years.

WetAugust Wed 20-Jul-11 20:42:41

Claw id right. Any medicaction of this sort should not be stopped immediately - it has to be gradually reduced so if DSD is running out of meds before her next appointment she'll need another prescription.

Who is "this lady" who refused to help you?

I dount it was the Dr as they know meds need to be gradually reduced, so I presume it was the receptionist.

You need to get beyond this untrained phone answerer so ask to speak to the Secretary of the Consulatnt who origianlly prescribed the meds. If that fails then contact PALs.

This is bad.

zzzzz Wed 20-Jul-11 21:00:43

Agree with Wet, I would phone the consults secretary [something I have done in this situation] and just ask for a prescription for a months supply. Even if the consultant was going to take her off she would be weened slowly from the sounds of things so the drugs wouldn't be wasted.

Consultants secretaries have an enormous amount of power to help you, so this is a lady/gent to have on your side if possible.

buttons99 Thu 21-Jul-11 09:50:29

Thanks for the replies. Unfortun it was the Secretary I was speaking to!!!!! Had a chat with DH last night and we are going to see if we get anything in the next few days. Also going to check if DSD's Mum has any spares at her house that can boost the last few days supply. Think DH will have a "word" with consultant when we see her to see whats what so we know for next time if this happens again. Part of problem seems to be that since we moved into this authority the Consultant would prefer our GP to dispense the prescriptions but she is unhappy to do so as she feels its the Consultant that wants DSD on them and so GP doesn't feel comfortable prescribing them, when she doesn't really know DSD well. So Consultant does them but her Secr seems to be very off hand whenever we ring and ask for prescription.

drivemecrazy63 Thu 21-Jul-11 13:47:44

If this is so (and theres no reason the gp should refuse to px this ) ask the consultant to contact your GP and tell him/her that you need some extra tablets its worth a try, its stupid the GP should supply them as they should be checking your dcs health bp blood tests ect periodically when on this drug so stands to reason that and the fact you could get repeat px easily if the GP was supplying it.

zzzzz Thu 21-Jul-11 14:13:05

I'm amazed that everyone is being so unhelpful. Go in and see the GP and ask exactly what they are expecting you to do while you wait to see if the consultant wants her off the drugs. They should be telling you how much and when for each drug you take and ensuring that you have the drugs in question. shock Go in and sit there with a pen and paper and tell them you want to write down what to do because you are really worried having read the leaflet that you shouldn't be just stopping.......they will either tell you the safest dosage regime or give you a few more pills to tide you over.

I can't imagine why they are all being so difficult. It sounds like they have got the wrong end of the stick to me, because this is just ridiculous.

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