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Please talk to me about adhd

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nomadwantshome Mon 18-Jul-11 21:36:20

We are having a second meeting tomorrow with the school. Ds 5 is suspected ADHD. So far we've done the questionnaire and the school have been brilliant along with the support worker with extra sessions. He's being refered to the pyschologist ? Or who ever, I'm sure he will get an official dx.

Having been reading a recent thread which was very ineteresting. I picked up on a number of points, so many questions!

Is there a spectrum? If so I don't think my ds has it really badly, which is good. Dh is all for slapping Him on meds but I really don't want to.

I haven't explained anything to ds as yet as he hasn't been dx. Do you think I should? I did actually tell dd aged 7. She was having problems all of a sudden and her bevphavour mirrored ds and she become very defiant even at school, whci is not like her. I sat her down and told her about ds and had a chat. I thinks she feels on the periphery of everything and I have been aware of ds 'grabbing' all fo the attention, although I know he doesn't mean to.

I read with interest about adhd rarely occurring on it's own. Also that it's heritory. Dh has dyslexia. Whilst I was researching adhd I looked up adult symptoms to see the out look. Then I realised dh hit practically very single box really hard. I showed him and said 'you are adhd' that night he had a dream where he cried for ages (not something he does) and he realised that all the problems he encountered was adhd and dyslexia - which wasn't really rrecognised back then- 70's and 80's. (he's statemented for (dyslexia now)

Also one other thing that has been really bothering me is that adhd is linked with bipolar disorder. Dh was dx with this about 12years ago. I'm worried about this although at least I suppose we know the warning signs and we can jump in there more quickly.

That leads me onto another point, one that was mentioned on the other post - other peoples views. Already MIL has berated the fact that we're already considering adhd. She doesn't even believe that dyslexia exists! Well, I suppose thats by the by as you just have to cope with it. I'm worried about his out of school club and the up and coming summer holidays. The first time he was 'naughty' she told me she said to him 'i don't know what kind of upbringing you've had...'. It's al right love you don't need to tell me any more... I'm worried that he might be excluded or if I talk to her about adhd she may be a bit prejudice. Also next term he is having my dd's teacher. I thought she handled dd's difficulties really badly in terms of reporting them at least- very sun reporter! Ds's teacher in reception has been absolutely brilliant and I worry how it will go in year 1.

Sorry very long winded post but can I get some thoughts?

greatescape Mon 18-Jul-11 22:06:01

You are right that not all children are affected badly enough to need medication. You can look at diet first remove additives and sugar. Having said that it doesnt work for all children. My ds had to be medicated because he was dangerous. He climbed on every thing we had to have crash mats in his room to make him safe. He would run off when we went out he had no road sense so just ran across. He bit through christmas lights while they were switched on. He opened the car door on the motorway even though we had child locks on. Children with ADHD often do have other dxs my son has Autism and Dyspraxia. There will always be people who wont believe theADHD dx but these people are not the ones that have to run round after a child that appears never to run out of energy. I would talk to him about ADHD so that he can try and understand why he is a bit different. If he gets dx I would go in to school and ask senco what help they are going to put into place.

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