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Potty question!

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Chundle Mon 18-Jul-11 19:56:53

Apologies but this is a rather bizarre question!! DD2 almost 2yrs we have bought a potty for her and every evening take her nappy off and let er have a naked run and try to get her to practice sitting on the pot! however we have a few issues that are not important in the grand scheme of everyone elses issues but i need some advice to save the carpet!

DD2 struggles to sit on the potty to start with. She cant grasp the concept of walking up to it, turning and sitting. She has to either sit on whilst facing the potty meaning she ends up backwards on the potty, or she walks around it looking like shes deciding how to tackle and them clambers on it from a side angle. Generally all this faff leads to her tripping, falling over or bashing her bum on the potty! Shes very anxious about lots of things so maybe why she wont back down onto it.

Im not sure what to do though as never had this with DD1. Also when DD does manage to get on it she ooohhhsss and ahhhhsss for a few seconds like shes terrinly uncomfortable with the whole thing and then gets off it! She has sensory problems so im thinking this could be a terribly long road!

Did anyone go through this with their DC who had slightly weird potty habits??
Im just worried that if she doesnt stop the faffing about it going to make potty training horrendous!

BialystockandBloom Mon 18-Jul-11 20:00:24

Does she have sn of any sort? When you say sensory problems, what do you mean - something that would affect her spatial perception, or hyper/hyposensitive?

Did anyone go through this with their DC who had slightly weird potty habits??

Um, I wonder who here hasn't been through rather unconventional toilet training? grin

nadia77 Mon 18-Jul-11 20:01:31

have you thought maybe she's just not ready?
also why not just take her straight to toilet? you can buy those padded seats which you put on normal toilet seats but its smaller for them to sit comfortably on. both of mine skipped pooty and used the children seat straight on toilet.

BialystockandBloom Mon 18-Jul-11 20:01:59

Sorry, I didn't really answer your question. Have you tried just putting her on it, rather than her putting herself on? Under 2yo is pretty young even for nt child - I really wouldn't be worried about it just yet iiwy.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 18-Jul-11 20:03:25

You can get potty chairs as well, with arms which might be a bit easier to sit on.

Chundle Mon 18-Jul-11 20:21:48

hi all thanks guys. DD1 was P.trained at 20 months dry all day and night at 2 years.DD2 has been crouching in the corner when she wees and holding her nappy after saying yuck! So she knows when she is going for a wee/poo. She is still totally in nappies I am not trying to train her just yet i just want her to get used to sitting on the bloody thing first smile shes hypersenstive, has visual perception problems (they think) and is a clumsy old bonce!!! We bought a toilet seat as well which she lovessss and screams when i take her off it however she keeps sticking her arm and random objects in the toilet and trying to drink toilet water so im giving the toilet a rest for a while until novelty wears off!!!
thanks Ellen yes maybe a potty chair is the answer they just looked a little small compared to DDs bum size grin

Chundle Mon 18-Jul-11 20:27:17

Bialy soz didnt answer your question. yes we have popped her on it and she shouts "maaaaammmmmmmma!" and huffs and puffs and fidgets and has to stand up and sit down several times until she gether little butt comfy.

Actually thinking to myself maybe we will try this with a nappy/clothes and see if she fusses a bit less as the potty may be sticking to her skin which she wont like

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