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Clumsy toddler with some hand/head trembling

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Jerbil Sat 16-Jul-11 01:54:58

My 2&1/2 yr old DS goes to a nursery and recently they have reported that his hand/arm and head tremble when he is eating i.e when he is holding the spoon/fork up to his mouth. It has also been a long standing joke since he could walk that he is always falling over. he has now been referred to a pediatrician, but just wondered if anyone has similar experiences. His motor skills actualy seem fine.

Jerbil Thu 04-Aug-11 02:49:15

bump - hope no-one minds

EllenJaneisnotmyname Thu 04-Aug-11 13:35:34

Sorry, Jerbil, I don't know, but bumping for you.

survivingsummer Thu 04-Aug-11 19:52:54

Hi - sounds to me like a mild tremor but could of course be other things and I am no expert. My dd has a slight tremor which shows when she tries to hold a cup at times (she needs to use 2 hands) and particularly when she's trying hard to do something e.g. drawing, threading beads etc.

Might be worth getting GP opinion?

Jerbil Thu 04-Aug-11 21:36:20

Thanks for the bump Ellie...

surviving summer... Yes we have been to GP, and she did a few tests on him. One thing he did was failed to lift his left arm to use the toy she gave him. I've noticed him doing it a few other times too.

She says she'll refer him to the Community Pediatrician because of him bein rather clumsy. But she didn't say anything about the tremor. I should've asked but I freeze in Docs rooms.

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