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special needs and permanent exclusion waiting for statement .....

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babs2011 Fri 15-Jul-11 18:46:07

Hi to you all new to this site need abit of help ,
moved home to a new area so my 8 year old son had to change schools ,
he enterd the school with a action plan for his behaviour .
with in a week the school picked up on his needs and we had a meeting,
To my understand my son had been statemented years ago and been dig with ASD.
Not so !
The school then contacted the Autism outreach team and referral him to be assessed, The SENCO had said its quite obvious my son as ASD, sensory issuses,
I was happy that my son was getting the help he needed ,
then on the 12 july last monday the school phoned me at 10 am saying my son is very upset and is lashing out and could i pick him up which i had agreed on doing . in an earlier meeting .
then by the afternoon had another call saying that my son will not be allowed back to the school( permanent exclusion) which i was upset about as my son as only been at this school for 4 weeks ,And my son got upset because thay would'nt let him stand next to a child he liked which as most kids with ASD he finds it very hard to express himself .
im due to have a meeting on this monday with a inclusion officer ,
to my understanding the LA have to arrange full time education for my son on the sixth day.
with the end of the school year more or less here, im just wondering how and were would my son be educated untill my son as been statemented as this may take some time ,
If any one could help please do,
many thanks

babs .

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 15-Jul-11 19:50:48

have you applied for a statement babs? If you haven't you can apply yourself, there's a template letter you can use on the ipsea site, they also have a section on exclusion that you'd want to read before the meeting. What are parent partnership like where you are? Worth getting in touch with them for support, school should be able to point you in their direction although do bear in mind that some services are more independent than others. It's also worth googling ace and sossen as they also have some good info on their sites. If you fancy a bit of late night reading there's also the sen code of practice which is very useful.

Agnesdipesto Fri 15-Jul-11 19:55:45

You can also appeal the exclusion if you want. IPSEA helpline worth calling

babs2011 Fri 15-Jul-11 20:10:31

thankyou Ninja , it was new school who applied for the statement which i need to get the help he needs as hes very bright but with a lot of issues above the avg for his age on all his sats etc . yes the parent partner was at a meeting at the school 2 weeks ago and is attending the meeting i have on monday she's realy nice .think ive read it all now lol . eyes are hurting ,,
just worried he'll be sent to another school thats unsuitable for him as hes been very upset since the exclusion he dont understand why all this is going on . ive been reading about referral units but cant find much about them if case my son as to go to one . many thanks for the info .

babs2011 Fri 15-Jul-11 20:22:22

Thankyou Agnes , but i dont think i shall as thay have shown ther not up to educating or coping with him so im hoping he will go to a special needs school who will understand him better ,

mariamagdalena Fri 15-Jul-11 23:16:06

The exclusion may well strengthen your case for a decent statement and for a suitable school. Don't let them 'forget' to make provision for him cos it's end of term. Most primary PRUs are very good (although a few aren't) especially when used as intended ie for short term behaviour improvement teaching and assessment-type stuff, and if nothing else it gives you a couple of days with him 'in school' so that you can have a look at the special schools in your area.

If you found one that would suit him, you'd have a good case to request that the LEA expedite that statement and allow him to start there in September. They don't have to agree, but PRUs are quite expensive so having a place in one will encourage them to hurry the process along.

babs2011 Sat 16-Jul-11 00:00:43

thankyou for the advice maria i will be looking into PRU just incase but so far ive not found much info for kids on the autisic spec or wer my local one is

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