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Pathological Demand Avoidance experiences

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smugtandemfeeder Thu 14-Jul-11 21:33:23

Can I ask anyone whose DC have PDA how their DC cope in school and through the diagnosis process? I know children with ASD in general can hide symptoms in some settings but is this common with PDA too? Advice I have had so far is that when they are very little and don't go to school much they can more easily hide it at school than when you ramp up the pressure. Will DS be able to hide his symptoms during the 6 week assessment center? DS is only three but is making me feel like I am imagining things after three amazing days in preschool acting like head boy.

metimenow Thu 14-Jul-11 22:09:48

PDA children can behave better in a school setting than at home. They learn
they learn to blend in so that there wont be as many demands placed on them. If you google PDA there is a good website that tells you about handling at home and in school.

notapizzaeater Thu 14-Jul-11 23:01:55

I am waiting for a PDA diagnosis - DS is OK at home (but we don't demand much) but he is sinking fast in school. Just got him statemented for 14 hrs a week support from Sept.

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