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saw dr 4 weeks as think dd1 has dyspraxia have just received referral date for end of aug what will happen

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tinkbig Thu 14-Jul-11 12:19:27


she will be seeing a padatritian
what will they do?

bedheadz Thu 14-Jul-11 12:52:18

They will take a full history, milestones etc. Will OH or someone be attending with you so that dd doesn't have to listen to some of the negative things you may have to discuss?

They will also do a physical exam, checking reflexes etc. Walk along a line, balance on one leg etc.

If she is found to be delayed or anything else is noticed she will be referred on to Physio, OT etc.

It is much easier if you write a list of your concerns, it is so easy to forget something important.

Good Luck smile

tinkbig Thu 14-Jul-11 13:51:04

thanky bed grin
dh taking her on his own
as we have another dd who is 2.5 years so having her here
we have a list already

moosemama Thu 14-Jul-11 17:11:48

Tink, could your mum possibly have dd2?

I don't think it'll be the same in every area, but when ds1 was assessed for dyspraxia we were taken into one room to answer all the questions about his difficulties while he did a lot of fun tests with an Occupational Therapist in a different room. So it depends whether your dd is happy to go off with the OT on her own, or if she'd be better with one of you with her. Ds1 had a blast, really enjoyed all the tests and wanted to go back and do it all again! grin

It could be different in your area though, you may just see the paediatrician the first time and then be referred on from there. As bedheadz said though, it might still be easier if you are both there, so one of you can either distract dd or take her off while the other has to discuss all the negative stuff about her struggles.

Ds1 scored bang on the cut off point for qualifying for assistance. hmm Turns out so did two other children in his year, which seemed a touch suspicious, but then I've probably become an overly suspicious so-and-so over the last couple of years.

pengelly Thu 14-Jul-11 17:25:07

Despite your concerns do try to relax about the assessment. My ds had this assessment, several times in fact. The therapists were great and he had a ball. Make a list, call the therapist beforehand and discuss anything you do not wish your DC to hear. Your DC will enjoy the "games" which
assess dexterity / bilateral ability by amongst others walking a line, drawing, playing catch, throwing a ball to a target, placing small pegs in holes very quickly, pen holding, using a knife and fork, cutting a frozen mars bar with a knife, etc., the assessment may also continue with a group of other similarly presenting children so don't necessarily expect a diagnosis on the day.

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