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frustrated after seeing paed again (another round of wait and see and zero support in the meantime)...

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chocjunkie Thu 14-Jul-11 11:01:32

we saw the dev paed this morning again (dd, 3.5, is has severely delayed s&l, sensory issue, asd traits and we start to think she might have LD as well). after the first meeting with the paed in spring we were told that he wants to wait and see a bit more. fair enough.
now, after the second meeting it is again just wait and see (next appointment in october). we don't really have any support atm (apart from nursery who is giving DD loads of support). we could not get a referral for OT, we are on the waiting list for SALT (but have been told it is very long and it will take quite a while until we will be seen despite DD's speech and language being about 1.5-2 years delayed), no developmental assessment, no referal for ados etc. nothing sad

we are feeling totally left alone. DD has good days but quite often life with her is just hell - everything is a struggle with her and we are quite desperate for support.

is this the normal procedure to just wait and see and basically offer nothing in the meantime?

is it worth going private?


chocjunkie Thu 14-Jul-11 11:08:38

I meant private for assessment/dx...

zzzzz Thu 14-Jul-11 11:45:37

I think to fit some diagnosis, the child has to be seen over a period of time. eg They need to see you 3 times over 9 months and if the child is still presenting as x they can give you that dx.

On the other hand that is absolutely no excuse for not addressing her needs.

I wouldn't go with a private dx myself because I think you are in the process, and you could spend your money more wisely. I would get private SALT, as for us that was very helpful. I would find out if there is a language unit in your area, which school it is attached to, and what their usual entry route is. Ours only runs till year 2 so there is an age limit on the help and if it takes you a long time to dx you will miss that support. After year 2 there is no/minimal support, so I wish we had had that opportunity. there are sometimes special nurseries, ours is attached to the children’s centre where we see the paediatrician and I think that would be helpful if they do that in your area. If your daughter is non-verbal/limited verbal, we found music therapy made a huge difference to our sons frustration levels, as it was somewhere where he didn't need language. An educational Psychologist is quite pricey and might be more useful a bit later on. All of these professionals will assess and you can take their reports to the paediatrician with you next time.

Many people on here swear by ABA, and while not for me, I do know that it is the recognised therapy in the US.

Read everything you can, it helps to be able to talk the talk.a

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