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7 week summer hols looming large

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MissKittyEliza Thu 14-Jul-11 09:10:27

I AM looking forward to the summer hols but, does anyone else have that "OMG, what are we going to fill it with!" feeling?

Ds, ten, only child, ASD and OCD. No friendships sustained for more than a few weeks. He's high functioning but also high anxiety! Reclusive but, does enjoy some company. I asked the Senco, weeks ago, could she think of a child, any child (even from the class below as ds sometimes goes into that class for maths and small group work) whom we might invite over during the holidays? "no" she said. No one..... Not a single child.

Ds really looking forward to finishing tomorrow (very early, if you ask me!) but for kids like him and mums like me, it's going to be one helluva long haul, this holiday. Wish it were not sooooo long.

I feel so sorry for him sad

Debs75 Thu 14-Jul-11 09:14:37

I worry about the length of the holiday as I know it will be boring for DS after week 3.
He has no friends outside of school but he does have 3 sisters who can be a help or hinderance depending on his mood. We have found over the last few years that it is better to structure his days and try and give him a day out or treat once a week. It also helps with the countdown to September

auntevil Thu 14-Jul-11 09:35:49

I have the reverse in a strange way. Although i feel the "OMG, what are we going to fill it with!" feeling too, mine is more with 3 DS who are full on, how am i going to cope! grin
DS1 is a sensory seeker, from the second he wakes to the second he is sparko he needs noise/activity. Trying to find those few minutes in the day when my head can relax is rare.

chuckeyegg Thu 14-Jul-11 16:28:11

We hopefully will have a few trips out with friends from an autism group. I have looked into a special needs playscheme but it really does cost too much.
So it will be
Park really early whens it's quiet.
Visiting grandparents.
There is a special needs adventure playground opening but it keeps getting put back!
Any ideas would be happily recieved.

Marne Thu 14-Jul-11 18:13:29

I know the feeling, dd1(7.5) is moving school in september so will be saying goodbye to her old school friends next week, she doesn't really know anyone at the new school so there wont be any play dates in the holidays (other than with family).

Where do you live? maybe there are other MNetters in a similar position that would like to meet up, my dd1 likes meeting new people, like your ds she finds it hard to keep friends but seems to get on well with others (until she anoys them by talking about something really boring and going on and on about the same thing).

Calally Thu 14-Jul-11 18:14:46

here in northern ireland ds has already finished sad finished 30th june, back 1st sep, and it cant come quick enough. its so hard trying to find something to do everyday, and ds is still getting up at 7am, even if he goes to bed late. he keeps asking about school, and when he can go back, so hard to explain, and for him to understand. he's going to a summer scheme at the end of july, and it cant come quick enough. did go to the zoo today, as i found it we can get in free only problem with our zoo is its all uphill, so pushing ds in his maclaren major was a nightmare. so now im knackered, and ds is full of energy lol. roll on sept lol

MissKittyEliza Thu 14-Jul-11 18:28:23

We live in Nantwich, Chehsire.

Know that "going on and on and on..." thing!!

Marne Thu 14-Jul-11 19:17:11

Ah, i'm right down in Dorset. Dd doesn't really know any other children with ASD other than her little sister (but she's not as socialble), there are no support groups or activities (that i know of) here sad.

pedalpants Thu 14-Jul-11 20:43:27

my kids are too young for this but i've heard it is really good. its like treasure hunting with GPS. there are loads of things that have been left all over the country so there is bound to be one near you. you could ask a friend to hunt too or even if it is a solitary activity it has a social element in the sense that messages are left. is your son happy being outside? I know OCD people who seem less anxious in the great outdoors.

MissKittyEliza Thu 14-Jul-11 21:07:49

Outdoors, or out of his safe place really, is terrifically hard. It would be easier with another child in the mix but we don't know any. A boy who came to us a lot last summer now gives ds a wide berth and tells him to "pull yourself together" when he starts with his OCD checks.

We have a 4 night stay at Centerparcs to look forward to. Also, ds is off with his dad for one week but because dad lives so far away, he'll find that tough. Also, plan to meet up with old friend to go swimming at a half way point between our homes.

Will just have to do our best. confused

chuckeyegg Fri 15-Jul-11 06:11:55

We're in Hertfordshire. DS is 4.9 but tends to get on better often with older children.

MommyUpNorth Fri 15-Jul-11 07:31:08

That's a very long break Calally! We finished at the same time, but they're back on the 16th of August. Week 2 nearly over, so 4 to go. I need to work out a better way to keep my energy up for the rest of the break as it's not going well so far.

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