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Can't turn off music in his head.

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houseofheave Wed 13-Jul-11 21:56:35

I'm getting a bit concerned about DS at the moment as he keeps on getting upset and saying thins like "I can't turn off the music in my imagination, its too loud" or "I can't stop the talking in my imagination".

We think he has aspergers (its babyheave by the way, new NN). Is this common? I can't help thinking it sounds like he's hearing things or his internal monologue can't turn off.

In other news, sports day was a bit of a disaster. I may keep him away next year. Maybe they were laughing with rather that laughing at, but still... sad

moosemama Wed 13-Jul-11 22:13:51

Oh babyheave sad for your ds and sports day. My ds got himself in a right state about his last night and I ended up having to pull him out of school today as a result. Between that and end of year transition the my poor boy is really going through it at the moment. I hate this time of year, why on earth can't they just pack up a week early instead of having all this non-learning time and end of year disruption?

As for the music and talking in his head, I don't know from an AS point of view, but its something that happens to me personally when I am particularly stressed or anxious and/or over tired. I guess it would probably be worse for a child, especially one who has AS, as they can't understand it.

For my part, I get a particular song or tune stuck in my head and nothing will shift it. Sometimes it really bothers me and I find it impossible to concentrate through it. I have found that one of the few things that does help is to actually listen to that particular song/piece of music in rl, as it seems to sort of interrupt the loop.

I'm a bit of a habitual organiser/problem solver and when I'm under pressure/stressed/anxious I constantly run solution/scenarios through my head. Often these can take the form of a sort of internal conversation with myself - not like hearing voices, more of an internal dialogue. I suppose I must think like that most of the time, but only notice when there's such a lot going on that the internal noise starts to encroach on the rest of my life. When I get like this I find it impossible to concentrate and get short and snappy with people that interrupt my train of thought. At times like these I find some form of exercise and/or some time outdoors in the countryside or even better at the beach really helps.

Al1son Wed 13-Jul-11 23:20:32

Both my girls who have AS hear shouting, singing, screaming, talking that they've heard during the day repeated in their head later on.

DD1 hears it particularly at bedtime and DD2 also hears playground noises when she's trying to concentrate during the afternoon in school.

CAMHS are clear that it's related to AS and is nothing to worry about although I'm not sure the girls agree with that last bit.

bedheadz Thu 14-Jul-11 08:09:56

My ds (7 ) has the same thing, especially at bedtime. He is finding it incresingly different to get to sleep. The only thing that seems to work for him is to have background noise. At the moment he is listening to the Coldplay album. I have tried relaxation techniques at bedtime and they work to some degree. Starting at the head tense, hold and then relax do this with all the muscle groups working down until you end up at the feet.

A company called relaxkids do CD's I have ordered one, will update when we have tried it.

On the playground he wonders round with his thoughts. He often complains that the words in his mind are hurting him.

A couple of months ago the advert for scream 4 was on the TV and he flipped out in a way that I have never seen. He was screaming and hitting himself in the head. Full on shaking, when i held him close I could feel his heart pounding out of his chest and he just kept on saying I can't put this thought in my bad memory shredder.

He also asks me do I have pictures in my mind.

mrsbaffled Thu 14-Jul-11 12:39:39

Oh, I get music stuck in my head too. Is it a particularly AS thing? I don't think I have

houseofheave Thu 14-Jul-11 18:18:12

I'm grin at relaxkids being mentioned - my friend is the DH of the owner! Durr, I really need to speak to him.

I think its just that its upsetting him, but he's so out of sorts at the mo.

Sports day was a sodding nightmare and next year I he may suddenly be a bit <ahem> poorly.
First it kicked off as he couldn't balance a tennisball on a bloody tennis racket. That was followed by him trying to put a hat on his head in the obstacle race when his hands were full by plonking himself head first down on the floor, so the teacher had to go and rescue him, followed by the sodding egg and spoon race, which he had an absolute screaming fit as someone shouted at him for holding the egg. He couldn't move more than a pace without holding the sodding egg, and wasn't going to win holding it, so what was the problem - Cue much upset and having to be carried off the race track by his teacher.


moosemama Thu 14-Jul-11 18:27:07

sad poor ds. Why can't they think these things through properly?

They stuck my ds in the obstacle race and some sort of weird cricket race as well. I couldn't believe it. They know he has very little coordination. He's better off doing a slow but straight run than he is having to mess about with endless equipment. He was particularly upset at not being able to weave a ball in and out of posts using a hockey stick and convinced everyone was going to laugh and him and they'd he'd get bullied for it. He got so worked up the night before he made himself ill (migraine) and I had to keep him off. I have decided that next year I will book him an opticians/dentist/GP appointment across sports day. wink

He went back in today, but ended up being sent home with dizziness, nausea and exhaustion. Its all stress/anxiety related - he just can't cope with all the daft 'special days' they're having at the moment. This week alone he's had a school trip, sports day, project day and tomorrow a charity day/non-uniform day with a flipping school talent show. Next week they have all sorts of other things planned, more non-uniform days and a toy day. Roll on the holidays so he can finally relax.

coff33pot Sat 16-Jul-11 13:56:15

My DS (poss AS) has trouble hearing things too. he has the battle of wanting to play superheros and shoot or learn at school. He gets confused and agressive if they pull him out of it. He once said on the way to school that he was going to try harder today but it is hard as he cant turn off the games engine and lost the key to the thinking engine! grin

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