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gutted last transition at special school for son

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utah Tue 12-Jul-11 22:12:50

My son is very passive but a bit of an escape artist, his class for sept is 6 children a teacher and two ta's. He had his last transition for an hour this morning and two children could not make it so there was four children. The parents had coffee in the meeting room. Within 15 minutes panic set in as the believed my son had gone missing. I got to the room and started shouting his name while two member of staff searched the outside areas. Thankfully he was asleep under a chair and responded to me shouting. But I do not know what I am most upset about the fact that not one of the three members of staff had been keeping an eye on him or that he was that bored he fell asleep (he is normally like the energiser bunny and only ever sleeps in the day when bored). To top it off one of the TA's who had been outside said I'm glad Tom is safe, however Tom is not my son's name and this is the fourth transition lesson and there was only 4 children. Just feeling gutted a month ago I was over the moon at my son's placement.

1980Sport Tue 12-Jul-11 22:26:00

I'm sure you are!!! - this has made me feel very unsettled and shocked, we're trying to get DS an SN nursery place as we were convinced it would be the best place for him. What did the teacher say?

TheCrunchyside Tue 12-Jul-11 22:33:37

to be fair - they hadn't lost in the sense of him leaving the room. They actually did the right thing by searching outside first btw. I did that when I accidently left the front door open and couldn't see my toddler shock- ran outside to check she was not in the road then worked backwards and found her sitting playing behind the clotheshorse.

Sleeping could be about becoming overwelmed in new setting - perhpas they thought he was exploring the room nicely and then he just found somewhere cosy to curl up. I would be more upset about them not knowing his name afer 4 sessions.

Is there other stuff about the placement that is making you feel unsure about it? Is it right for your son?

utah Tue 12-Jul-11 23:16:35

1980 my son is extremely placid so can disappear to the background he never demands attention the head wants to speak to me on friday to discuss what happened. crunchy it is the fact that they she didnt know his name that worries me that they have not given him the attention, the lady was calling for tom outside the school, even if he would of responded he would not of to someone else's name. he is never overwhelmed for a child dx with autism you can take him anywhere and just wants to play my concern are the same as they where for nursery he is so undemanding that with other children who need constant attention he can be left un engaged. I suppose countryside I am just panicking that he will hover in the background, the ta knew all the other childrens name.

1980Sport Wed 13-Jul-11 09:38:29

At least they've recognised that it was a serious incident which requires further discussion. The two things that upset me the most were the fact that the TA didn't know his name, in a class of 6 there's really no excuse and secondly that he was without adult attention for long enough to go and find somewhere to hide/sit and actually fall asleep, again with a 3 adults to 4 children there really is no excuse. I hope the Head can reassure you that your DS won't just fade into the background as you fear!

willowthecat Wed 13-Jul-11 10:23:20

Forgetting his name is upsetting but not knowing where your son was in such a small class with so many staff is very serious - so you need some real answers and make it clear to them that you will be watching them and keeping a very close eye on his progress in the school

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