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I have an appt with community pead

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coff33pot Tue 12-Jul-11 21:16:33

We are currently going through the statementing process along side of CAMHS with regards to DS and poss AS.

I just got a letter saying an appointment has been made with a community pead to discuss DS special educational needs.

I am assuming that this appointment was made through the CSA. What can I expect to happen at the appointment? This is the first time I am going through all this so want to be prepared. I am also worried about the fact that they want to discuss with DS there? It doesnt say assess is says discuss. I feel uncomfortable talking about DS and his problems with him there as he cannot stand people talking about him at the best of times. Bless him he is only 6 and is convinced he was born naughty thanks to the school previously punishing him for being bad (they do not do this now). I just feel that a convo will be very stilted and I may not pass valid information for not wanting to upset ds.

angelPeacock Tue 12-Jul-11 22:37:38

Is there a way that you can involve him in the conversations? such as get him to say what he does and doesnt like etc?
There should be a place for him to play too.
i know its not easy and at our last pead app my DS stunned me into realising just how much he does listen when hes off in his 'own little world' in the corner of the office...or so i thought.
We were talking to the pead and he was making train tracks on the floor, when i mentioned about his starting karate lessons when out of the blue came a "Heee YA!" it made us all giggle but now i realise that he does hear whats going on and i do honestly forget that becuase he doesnt join in/respond most of the time if not directed at him.
if you have a hubby/parter/family member that could go with you, maybee the pead could see your DS then talk to you after DS is taken out of the room.....
there will be ways arround making him and you uncomfortable. xx

utah Tue 12-Jul-11 22:42:01

I would send an email with a brief history of your son and that you are concerned for his self esteem and mental health that you do not with to talk about your son in a negative way, there is generally another person present with the paed who occupies your child while at the appointment or you could ask that your child waits in reception with someone you bring with you for the discusion after the paed has assessed. My son is non verbal and dx with learning difficulties but I do not allow anyone to talk in a negative way with my son in earshot. It is good to take a list with you of his problems and difficulties and include them in the email then you do not walk away thinking I should of said this and why didnt I mention that. good luck

coff33pot Tue 12-Jul-11 22:55:53

Thanks for the replys! The email idea is great thank you. I have two statements from CAHMS that had already assessed him at their office and at school so I guess I could post these as the appointment is a week away. At least the Pead will have an overall idea of his school day and issues prior to us going there. It saves repeating the same old infront of DS. DS is very verbal, too much so and very intense on wanting to know every screw, bolt, nook and cranny, a crack in the ceiling you name it in any new place and what it is all for before he will settle into anything. And then he wont actually settle but keep on asking questions. But if we start talking about him he starts to melt before your eyes and becomes confrontational or growls and runs and hides and at worst a complete meltdown, and we have just managed to stop this at home by being very careful in how we approach situations by not necessarily directing them at him its as if we are talking about someone else iyswim.

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