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Questions to ask.

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TheLadyEvenstar Mon 11-Jul-11 23:36:16

Meeting with DS1's school at 8.15 and I am now panicking that I won't ask the right questions.

This meeting has come about as I alerted the school to the fact that he is repeatedly late for school on a Tuesday to avoid French where he is struggling.

Had another teacher call AFTER he finally read up on aspergers - they have known as long as me that DS1 was dx in Feb this year.

So now I have a meeting with head of learning, head of behaviour, head of senco, head of attendance and head of house and the one teacher who has read up on it - no pressure on me there then 6-1.

So what is standard to be in place for an AS child?

I feel he could do with somewhere to go for extra support if he is struggling an example is the noise levels in Music and Art are too much for him to cope with.

French he is fine with the written work but is struggling with the verbal - and the auditory processing of the language. So really what is going to help him???

P.E - again great with the written work but the physical is not something he likes.

ICT - I don't understand what his issues are in this subject but he will sit at the computer and just do his own thing, the teacher says he goes into the computer and plays games although they are told not to.

Can anyone help me???

Agnesdipesto Tue 12-Jul-11 00:02:28

DS is 4 and classic autism so not sure have much insight
For the computer / not following instructions - would be looking at some sort of behaviour plan based on rewards which are motivating to your DS eg you do x amount of adult directed activities and then get to play games as reward. Would need adult support for this to work. Again with PE - use rewards. And consequences eg loss of computer time if not do as asked

Sometimes online learning eg French games or flashcards online can help as visuals to back up the language or is there a more visual way they could present the information eg written words to back up the verbal. Must be lots they can do with smartboards etc my DS finds it easier to learn language with the written words than orally. Maybe you could ask if any websites that back up the syllabus

Does he struggle to take in oral and visual information simultaneously. DS used to be like this - he could look at the object / writing or hear the words but not process both simultaneously.

Better communication between home and school eg could you prime him for what they are going to do in French that day if the teacher emailed you before? Would that stop his anxiety about it? Email addresses for all his teachers and a regular dialogue so you can follow up things at home / prime him in advance

A quiet space to go seems reasonable

Can you take someone with you?

Don't feel pressured to decide things on the spot - perfectly reasonable to think over any suggestions and get back to them later

TheLadyEvenstar Tue 12-Jul-11 00:16:48

I am in regular contact with the school many meetings throughout the year have assured that tbh.

Up until now they have not recognised there was a problem. I repeatedly asked them for a meeting with senco but was told "He is such an intelligent boy" The fallout only came because I felt they are not doing enough for him.

I am making a note of what you have suggested...every little helps!!!

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