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Accessible set of notes from Secondary School realistic or not?

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supermum98 Mon 11-Jul-11 22:46:57

my ds is just finishing year 7 and frankly my pd support teacher confirmed my feelings today that it has not worked well, I feel miserable about it as we agonised so much about where we sent him. I can fill in from home, but all year I have been campaigning for a mind-map per topic area, cloze work sheets and access to his notes daily. I've seen about 3 mind maps all year, about 5 cloze work sheets and the rest of his notes (taken by TA) are not in a great format for him to access.
I have been told that todays students don't take notes like we did in our day. I just want them to send home resources so that I can do the overlearning with him. As it is I am going to have to sit down and make the resources my self, instead of actually being able to run with his notes to do the overlearning. What should I expect?

working9while5 Mon 11-Jul-11 23:19:13

Your expectations are not unreasonable but it is very hard to get compliance on this.

What you have asked for is similar to what we ask teachers for in a specialist language resource at secondary but in reality I often have to go to class and get the information myself.

Most classes have powerpoints - that might be easier for you to get work home? It doesn't solve the problem of you having to do the work though! Secondary schools can be infuriatingly difficult to get info from due to the range of teachers etc. What is Year Head/Tutor like?

Our TA staff have ELKLAN Level 3 training to do mindmaps and choose appropriate vocabulary to report back and this helps.. it's a SALT course, often run with specialist teachers, but might be worth checking out do they have it in your area? It has really helped with how TAs take notes and has been a great time saver.

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