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hip dysplasia/dyspraxia?

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jussi Sun 10-Jul-11 22:03:57

Hi all,
My 20 month old daughter had an ultrasound scan at 6 weeks to check if she had hip dysplasia.It was ok.Didn't think any more of it but now recently, have realised she is still quite unsteady on her feet and falls over quite often and looks like she may overbalance when she tries to run/walk fast.
She reached all her milestones on time and walked at 12 months.Therefore, would have thought by now she would be quite steady.It's almost as if she is tipsy.
My thoughts are: did the ultrasound miss the dysplasia somehow or has she developed it since? Can this happen? and would she be able to do all the other things eg.climb stairs. Her creases on the backs of her legs are still asymmetrical.
Or is it some form of dyspraxia as am also concerned re her language.She is saying 2 words occasionally and everything else is 'ah',She understands everything and is actually very good with fine motor unwrap babybel cheeses,detailed scribbles.So am confused even more.
Her brother has autism so I'm also wondering if I'm overanalysing but my gut instinct tells me somethings not right.
Don't know whether language/walking thing is linked or if it is to do with hips although we were told everything is okay.
Can you have dyspraxia even if dev milestones were met? or are they always delayed?
Obviously will go to GP but wondered if anyone had any knowledge to share.
Thanks a lot

TwoPeasOnePod Sun 10-Jul-11 22:43:42

Hi, sorry to hear about your worries regarding your DD. My 9 month old DD has hip dysplasia, shes currently waiting for a closed reduction operation to hopefully sort it. My advice about the scan she had at 6wks is that maybe her hip is fine nowbut definitely get a second opinion as soon as possible, because babies' joints are very soft and malleable, and can apparently pop in and out of joint according to my DDs consultant. So there could be a chance that at six wks she was fine, but possibly theres been movement in the joint since then? My DDs hip is fully dislocated but she still is almost crawling and they certainly can reach physical developmental milestones like walking, even with dislocation etc.
Either way best to get it checked. As for the dyspraxia I have no advice, are the two conditions at all connected? Because my DDs dad has many general symptoms of dyspraxia confused

TwoPeasOnePod Sun 10-Jul-11 22:45:52

Also forgot to add, apart from the assymetrical deep leg creases, does your DD have any other noticeable symptoms of dysplasia? My DDs affected leg is approx half an inch shorter than the other leg, also her hip kind of juts up higher on that side when viewed geld upright from behind

TwoPeasOnePod Sun 10-Jul-11 22:46:10

*held upright even!! aagh so tired lol

jussi Mon 11-Jul-11 19:59:05

Thanks so much for your advice.Have made a GP appt so will go from there.I don't think there is any relationship between dysplasia and dyspraxia but I'm just trying to think of causes(and driving myself mad at the same time!) and both of them seem viable at the moment.Thanks again and I hope your DD's operation goes well.

RainbowRac Tue 12-Jul-11 07:41:02

Hi jussi, just wanted to add... Please make sure you get another scan done to check for dysplasia - dont just rely on your gp to check for it. From my experience they don't always get it right! Hope all goes well for you x

RainbowRac Tue 12-Jul-11 07:43:33

twopeas good luck with your daughter's op...

TwoPeasOnePod Tue 12-Jul-11 10:10:31

Thanks for the wishes of good luck, the operation has been cancelled THREE TIMES due to consultants absence, very stressful! jussi definitely dont reply solely on the doctors diagnosis/opinion as rainbowrac said, my GP missed my DDs hip problems because he didnt perform the physical check (rotation etc of hips) properly, I am looking into making a formal complaint about him as it could have been dealt with months and motnhs ago without surgery.... angry angry sad
Google Steps Charity as they are very useful, but fingers crossed for you that your DD hasn't got dysplasia smile

yomellamoHelly Tue 12-Jul-11 18:40:25

My son's hips have just been sorted (he's still in his cast). They were fine at birth and also fine at 18 months, but didn't develop properly. At least that meant he had a socket, though (albeit shallow). One leg was longer than the other and his hips were tilted. He was also finding it increasingly difficult to hold a position stable. (He's not walking - so standing, kneeling, crawling / 4-point kneeling.) His hip was badly dislocated though.
Don't necessarily recommend it but I've taken ds to a&e twice to get his hips x-rayed and for a private x-ray once. Was a good way to find out what was going on straight away and "jump the queue" a bit.

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