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Off to collect DS's tricycle....

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Blu Sat 11-Oct-03 14:34:31

I'm so excited!
My M&D bought him the coolest tricycle for his 2nd b'day, a red and chrome Radio Flyer one. He hasn't been able to pedal it, because one leg is much shorter than the other and he wears a splint which means he can't bend his ankle enough. BUT he was IMMENSLEY proud of it and loved being pushed round the park with the handle. But now, he has his new Piedro boots instead of a splint, and I have taken the trike to a cycle hire place in a local park where they specialise in making adjustments, and they are building up one pedal for him.
Cost us £45, but hey....
It's a beautiful afternoon, and I can't wait to see him start to learn to pedal!
Enough MN-ing, off to colect the Trike!Byeeeeee!

ScummyMummy Sat 11-Oct-03 14:36:31

Oh wow, Blu! Those bikes are gorgeous. I'll bet your ds looks utterly adorable on it!

Jimjams Sat 11-Oct-03 15:14:39

awww- hope he loves it.

lou33 Sat 11-Oct-03 15:17:38

How lovely. Take lots of pictures!

doormat Sat 11-Oct-03 17:43:30

Oh Blu how lovelyI hope he enjoys his ride

cazzybabs Sat 11-Oct-03 18:19:25

You may live to rue this day...when he won't get of it, wants his tea on it, peddels it maddly round the house at hundred miles an hour sending your priceless ornaments flying

dinosaur Sat 11-Oct-03 21:43:01

Blu - that's fantastic! Hope you had fun!

DS2 has to go to Sunderland on Monday for his six month check-up. His feet look fine to me, but wish us luck anyway!

Blu Sun 12-Oct-03 15:12:05

Good luck, Dino! It's great you're getting such good attention in Sunderland. Sure he'll be fine...let us know.
DS delighted to be re-united with his trike, and we bought him a shiny bell to go on it too. AND the nice man decided not to charge us at all, because he believes in encouraging kids to cycle. The physios advised us to encourage him as much as possible because it will be a good way of building up his calf muscles. He hasn't quite got the hang of pedalling, but it's only another trip to the park away. Too pre-occupied with ringing his bell and shouting "get outta way, people!". We DO have a v cool pic of him, I must find a way to post it!

fio2 Mon 13-Oct-03 08:20:55

Blu sounds like you and he had a great day

aloha Mon 13-Oct-03 09:48:10

Sounds totally fantastic. I've seen those trikes and they are extremely cool.

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