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DLA question

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rebl Sun 10-Jul-11 13:12:30

Does anyone know where to send the form back to? There seem to be 2 addresses, a local address (which is for new claims) and another address which is for existing claims. We've filled in the whole form again for our ds who is already in receipt of middle rate care because his condition as changed significantly and he's also turned 5 so could be eligable for mobility now. So is this an existing claim or a new claim and therefore do I send it to the new claims address or the existing claims address?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sun 10-Jul-11 13:25:55

I'd say it's an existing claim, he'll already be in their system. Have things settled at all rebl, any closer to a dx?

rebl Sun 10-Jul-11 13:52:29

Thanks Ninja. Thats what I thought but the envelope included in the pack they sent me was for new claims. But when I called I didn't think the person understood me that I was wanting ds's existing award reviewed so I'm not even sure I've filled in the right form. I'll try and call them in the morning I guess and double check. Just wanted to get it into the post and out of this house and my brain!

Not sure if we're closer to a dx or not. CAMHS are now doing weekly intervention and we're waiting on a sensory assessment from OT (filled in a form and so have school). They're going to have a professionals meeting in a weeks time which I hope will move things forward faster. We've got a CAF review tomorrow which CAMHS say they are presenting a report to. They have told us that ds is 2 years delayed socially and emotionally but thats the only feedback we've had now. We're feeling we're reaching crisis point again as in the last fortnight he's become more aggressive and even tried to strangle DD. He told us yesterday that he's still trying to find somewhere safe in the playground and thinks the best place is the school roof but he can't get from the top of the drain pipe onto the roof shock. I'm obviously again going to have to inform school. They say he's coping but I'm not convinced he is and he's getting quite violent there as well.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Mon 11-Jul-11 09:48:20

hope the caf goes ok today rebl, it's so frustrating when the dx process is so slow. How's the statementing process going? School must realise that a child wanting to sit on the roof isn't coping! Maybe you can address that today at the caf.

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