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Screen glare problem resolved.

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supermum98 Sun 10-Jul-11 07:43:21

Just thought other mums might find it useful to know that by adjusting the refresh rate on the whiteboard screen, (I hope to find out technically just what exactly was done) my ds is now able to stay in class. He could not cope with staying in class at all in any lessons using whiteboards, because of glare and that was even with wearing a pair of sunglasses. THis is a cheaper solution to behavioural optometry, not that I would ever rule out trying this, for sensory integration issues and other eye related issues. If your child complains of glare from whiteboards I would try adjusting the refresh rate first. One mumsnetter suggested changing the bulb to a lower voltage, but the bulbs on ours couldn't be changed as I understood from the schools IT guru. We had solved the problem in primary, with blinds and my ds being wirelessly linked to the whiteboard so he only had to look at his laptop. The secondary school is not wireless throughout, so the laptop hasn't been going into class, although I am pushing for that even so.
I hope this info helps someone out there. I need to find out whether they reduced the refresh rate or increased it, this changes the flicker rate of the screen, he talked about a Hertz shift, whatever that means, so will post again when I find out.

Ben10isthespawnofthedevil Sun 10-Jul-11 07:48:44

Thanks. Will be interesting to find out

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