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SLI and gluten free?

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bruno111 Sat 09-Jul-11 22:14:19

Hello, my DS will be 3 in 3 months and he is about to be diagnosed, his language is very delayed and there are some minor behavioral issues too. I read a little on gluten/dairy free diet helping children with autism and was wondering if anyone tried it on their SLI diagnosed child? I am new to the forum and will appreciate any help or advice.

zzzzz Sat 09-Jul-11 22:25:57

My son is still undiagnosed at 6, but SLI is probably the best fit. We have not tried gluten free, but have recently been supplementing his diet with omega oil, as he doesn't eat any fish etc. It seems to help. I wish we had started earlier. I think that good nutrition/exercise/destressing are all more important if your child is finding things harder than usual.
At 3 ds knew numbers letters and colours, but not much else [not even mama etc]. He is making steady progress and is mainstream school with 1.1 help. We have enjoyed private SALT, Music Therapy, swimming lessons and riding and all of them have helped. I think the more you do with him the more opportunities he will have to talk, so i try hard to get him involved with things.

auntevil Sun 10-Jul-11 10:14:02

Bruno - does your DS eat a variety of food, or is he a bit picky?
IMO, without dietetic support, i would stick to a well balanced diet, supplements etc as zzzzz suggests.
There is no harm if his diet is heavy on the dairy and gluten in reducing the amounts. If you reduce dairy, make sure that there are other calcium rich foods - required for healthy growth.
DS2 who has been dx as lactose intolerant, was still soiling (6yr) and quite feisty and tantrumy. We reduced the amount of gluten - particularly cutting down bread and pasta meals. He soils less and has less high and low tempers. Our thoughts are that he doesn't feel so 'bunged up' inside which makes him feel better. It's not scientific, his gastroenterologist says go with it if it works, he's not missing out on any nutritional groups.

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