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HELP!! ds 8 diagnosed with asd

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GeneEyuss Fri 08-Jul-11 12:49:29

Hi, Can anyone help please? i have fought with complex needs services to have ds 8 assessed for asd. he has pragmatic language disorder, difficulties with co-ordination, memory etc. Applied for statutory assessment in april and refused to assess. So i put in an appeal due to be heard in december.

Anyway, professionals suddenly decided to carry out an ADOS before taking him to social communication panel for third time which leads to asd diagnosis. Meeting with pead and Salt next Thursday when i will get the official notification, they also surprisingly want to discuss EDUCATIONAL PROVISION!!!!

Please can anyone advise on how to approach this meeting as i'm very fearful that i may be set up. there are longstanding issues with regards to provision at SA+ being witheld and the approaching tribunal hearing complicates matters further.

Starchart Sat 09-Jul-11 22:51:21

When did you put in your appeal?

The best thing you can do is take someone with you to take notes. Be very careful to not to agree or commit to anything, and don't do too much talking yourself, except for ask questions.

Whenever you are asked to confirm something or any question at all really, unless it is easy peasy to answer i.e. how old is he? just thank them for their suggestion but inform them that you'll have to get back to them when you have discussed it with your representative. Don't agree to anything and don't sign anything.

After the meeting, write immediately, that day if possible to them with your version of events and ask them to 'clarify' that you had understood correctly. Quote people with names if they have made unsavoury comments. You are giving them a chance to explain or deny or make things clearer.

Don't be fearful of this meeting. It seems like a BIG meeting to you but it is run of the mill boring for them and whatever it might look like it doesn't have to be sorted there and then. There can always be another meeting. LAs especially love them and think of them as intervention.

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