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carers review

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davidsotherhalf Fri 08-Jul-11 09:45:43

things with dd have gone from bad to worse. i had a carers assessment about 6 weeks ago and should get 1hr respite a week, only thing ss could offer as nobody can cope with dd for longer and nothing else is available. we had the carer here on tuesday when she witnessed dd at her worst, i was told by sw respite might be withdrawn after this as dd is a danger. had phonecall yesterday from sw saying they have to do urgent carers review. i think they are going to stop respite alltogether, is there anything i can do to keep respite, btw i had to fight ss for 10yrs to get the hour respite.

Agnesdipesto Fri 08-Jul-11 14:56:24

I think once they have assessed a need they can't just take it back, they have to come up with a realistic plan of how to meet the need identified.
That might be direct payments if there are any private agencies who could provide respite?
this legal guide has stuff about childrens assessments, but not carers - why have they not done a child's assessment too?

There was a new short breaks duty which came in on 1 April some info here so they cannot argue they have no money for short breaks / respite

Are you eligible for legal aid? If so get advice now before legal aid is withdrawn from virtually everything

Contact a Family or similar group might also be able to help

Finding out if there is anything in the private sector could help eg if you can find someone who can provide a service then you can ask for direct payments to fund it

hannahsmummsy Fri 08-Jul-11 23:40:51

its crazy if carer cant cope for one hour , how on earth do they expect you to cope 24/7

unpa1dcar3r Sat 09-Jul-11 15:17:10

The carers assessment of need is just that; a carers assessment of need. Not a "SW's inability to provide respite despite the need being there".

I'd have a read of the Act which started it all; The Carers (Recognirion and Services) Act 1995.
It has been amended since then (2000 I think or thereabouts) but the 1st one will explain the point of the assessment.

It is shocking that you've had to wait this long for one lousy hour and if they can't cope then they need to get two support workers.
How do they think you cope for heavens sake. I would insist that this respite is vital or that you will give up and he will have to be cared for elsewhere permantently. Shake em up a bit and don't let the bully you into giving up the tiny bit of help you fought so hard for.

davidsotherhalf Sun 10-Jul-11 21:04:36

carers assessment was reviewed, outcome was respite when available,they had to change wording from 1hr a week,as it's not available every week

unpa1dcar3r Sun 10-Jul-11 21:20:20

No Davids do not sign this.
this is a cop out of the first degree.
Do not agree to this under any circs, you need to be specific in what you need; e.g so many hours per week.
This is like I said before a carers assessment of need not what they can provide.

davidsotherhalf Mon 11-Jul-11 08:07:59

i was told it would cost me £15hr, as i would have to bring in outside agency, i didn't fill the form in sw did it, they r trying to cover there backs as dd told them we have to have 1hr a week as we have it in writing. after dd said this they went into panic mode. they r trying to pass the book to other services, eg saying apply for befriender for dd,

unpa1dcar3r Mon 11-Jul-11 13:30:28

It's Bullshit Davids,
Grrr they make me so mad.
Same here; they try to convince me they're needs led and not budget led. So why has the top manager just been given a bonus for cutting childrens services!
All I get is ask your family, bearing in mind we live 300 plus miles away from our families and my 2 daughters work FT, one has 2 jobs (PT and FT) and a 15 month old, doesn't drive and lives 2 bus rides away!
The other works 12.5 hrs days plus travelling...

They are trying to get out of it, FFS it's one lousy hour, not all bloody week.
Can u get hold of a special needs solicitor- Mencap have local lists if you google them- who will give you legal aid if you're on benefits. If you did it in your DD's name, they don't take into account DLA etc for any money she has coming in.

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