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advice please for friend whose dd has dyslexia

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Marshy Fri 10-Oct-03 20:45:20

Hello to you all. I'm new at posting, but have been so impressed with all the support, advice and interesting conversation that goes on here.
Would appreciate any advice I could pass on to a friend of mine who has a dd of 8 (year 4), who school have finally decided has dyslexia. Since final term of year 3, she has been having 15 mins/week with senco, but at recent parents evening, new class teacher has said she doesn't know how dd has managed in class for so long, and that the 15 mins is next to useless! She feels dd needs classroom support and has recommended that my friend write to the LEA about it.It now seems however that class teacher has been reprimanded by head for being so frank with parents, and not going through the senco! I can't believe how little communication there seems to be between these three so-called professionals. Meanwhile my poor friend is caught up in the middle. She's thinking of having dd independently assessed.Any advice on how she should proceed would be gratefully received. I'm wondering, what are the responsibilities of the school, what assessments should they be carrying out, where does statementing come into it all, and does it make sense for them to arrange a private assessment? If yes, by whom?
Looking forwared to hearing from you all, who I'm sure know a great deal more than the teachers seem to!

cazzybabs Fri 10-Oct-03 21:12:08

As I said on another thread if your freind goes to a private assessment (through the British dyslexia assocation) they prob. will find her dsylexic. (sorry just sceptic about some of the diagnosis I have seen - but i am not a proffessional in this issue) I would ask the school to get an Ed. Psy to assess her in school - ask the school wether she has to go through the school or the LEA. Can your friend ask the class teacher to suggest things she can do at home - multisensory teaching is best and you can do things like write spelling words in the air. they lots of good books and internet places if your friend is intereted. I have a dyslexic in my class and they really need lots and lots of confidence.
I think itd sad that teachers goes in my school. I think its just a consequence of having money trouble.

ks Fri 10-Oct-03 21:21:00

Message withdrawn

Davros Fri 10-Oct-03 21:50:33

I don't have experience of dyslexia but my inclination would be for your friend to write to the LEA requesting an assessment, copying the school. Maybe this would get their backs up, can she find anyone else local who can advise? Unfortunately, IME, if she waits for the school to take real action she may wait a long time and its not worth it just to be polite. Maybe she could tell the school she is going to write and ask for their help?

Jimjams Fri 10-Oct-03 21:57:13

Could she ask for a statutory assesment. Maybe contact IPSEA? Here:

Marshy Sun 12-Oct-03 19:16:22

Thanks to all for comments,suggestions and info. Will pass them all on.

janis Sun 09-Jan-05 15:58:04

I have a 12 year old daughter and had to get her privately assessed (when she was 7 it cost £100 then! but well worth it!). I have had to fight tooth and nail to get all the extra help. If you dont fight for her/his education no one will. If you dont get help with head teacher write a letter to the Chair of the Governors then they will have to do something as its in writing. My husband became a school governor in her primary school and is now a governor at her secondary school and it helps believe it or not.

Good luck.

glitterfairy Sun 09-Jan-05 16:07:03

My Ds has dyslexia and when the teacher first told me I was really cross and upset. We had him assessed privately as it would have taken so long for the system to sort out. He has been giong to extra lessons at a dyslexia centre 35 miles away for two years now and is a different child.

I have to say I am extremely lucky as our school is a state one and is really supportive and has even given him a laptop for lessons. He has done so well that he is now in the Counties talented and gifted group and is a completely different child! It has made me very very positive about dyslexia and there is so much help out there if you know where to find it.

One of my Ds fave places on the internet is By the way he is 8 too.

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