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Horner's syndrome - anyone know anything about it?

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hanbee Thu 07-Jul-11 19:52:57

Hi all,

My DS1 who is 2.8 has just been diagnosed with mild congenital horner's syndrome. I've been told it is not going to affect him in any way and the only sign of it is that his left eye is very slightly smaller than his right and the pupil doesn't dilate as much. I know the basic biology of why but a my son also has developmental delays I wonder if there is a connection. Anyone have any experience or thoughts?


feynman Fri 08-Jul-11 00:06:48

Hi there, my son has the same. He also has developmental delays. Addiotnally see seemed to have a bit of a weakness down one side when he was very little although this is not obvious now. He also has a deviated uvula. He has had an mri which has ruled out any structual abnormality. Although my gut feeling is that he had a stroke or similar in utero and has some mild neurological issues. We have finally got an appointment with a neuro in a couple of weeks so will see what they say.
In terms of his vision I was also told it won't affect him and it certainly hasn't seemed to, although he does seem to have some visual perception issues. However he also has poor motor cor-ordination so its hard to work out which bits are caused by what sometimes.
HTH a bit and please ask if you want to know anything else. My sons 4 by the way. How did you find out? Did you notice it or was it a routine check or something?

feynman Fri 08-Jul-11 00:08:39

Apologies for the grammar/spelling, slightly too much cider I fear! blush

hanbee Fri 08-Jul-11 17:26:22

Hi there. Sounds q similar. My son also has poor motor control: didn't walk until 23m, still learning how to use a spoon etc. Also v limited speech and he dribbles q a bit. How's your sons speech, I really worry that DS1 might never talk, he has a few words and really wants to communicate sad.

I noticed that one of his pupils would look bigger than the other in dim light when he was about 3 weeks old. He was referred at his 6 week check but we've just moved areas and new opthamologist says we should have been told horner's right from the start. Argh! Waiting for paed to decide on further checks like MRI or genetics.

Sorry still new to all this so can you explain what HTH is?

Thanks for replying.

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