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helping my kids with ADHD/ADD cope with their chaos

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ErnesttheBavarian Thu 07-Jul-11 11:08:32

Have 3 dss, 2 with ADHD who take medication, one with ADD who doesn't. All 3 of them are chaotic, forever losing things.

I also have ADHD and coping, especially with paperwork, is a nightmare. (Ordered concert tickets in April, concert was last night, Despite searching in every book, pocket, bag, drawer, cupboard daily for the last week, didn't find them, couldn't go to concert).

Ds1 getting into trouble at school for losing or forgetting stuff. A lot of his work is done on paper, and he's supposed to file it. He doesn't. I keep finding heaps of paper everywhere. he forgets to hand me important letters from the school. He gets angry and frustrated at any offers, suggestions or me insisting on helping him.

Ds2 has just lost his ipod which he just bought with his own money last week. Ds3 comes home from school in his sports trousers, lost his jeans.

All seemingly incapable and /or unwilling to look for their stuff.

I must spend over an hour a day every single day looking for misplaced stuff either my own or my kids' I can' just tell them to look, because they look but they don't see, iyswim.

Spoke at length with ds1 teacher today. She knows of no way or group or anything to help ds1. I need to sit down with him. Train him. Help him. But a. he is very 'uncooperative' (understatement), and B. I am in perpetual chaos and struggle to keep myself on track (usually failing and either missing out, or scraping by by the skin of my teeth) so I feel totally overwhelmed, incapable and unable to deal with him. She might as well ask me to teach him Japanese.

SO how do I train myself, and in turn help my kids? Or is there some sort of help or something to help me. Have spoke to doc, but all he can do is prescribe med, I need real help here. Am not in UK.

Phew, that's long. Sorry.

Chundle Thu 07-Jul-11 12:32:00

Ok each one of you needs a calendar so that when you buy something like concert tickets as soon as they arrive write on calendar date of concert and exactly where you have put the tickets. Each of your boys needs to do the same. Also get them a blackboard or whiteboard for their room to write stuff down on. Have a place for everything in the house. Get a documents tin for a all papers and file as soon as they come into you. This is all I can think of for now but my dd has ADHD and is a nightmare as well!

forkful Thu 07-Jul-11 13:01:15

For you - Flylady Beginner Baby Steps

For your DSs - Flylady Student Control Journal

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