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blood tests and a 3 year old

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Cathwyn Wed 06-Jul-11 15:38:10

Help! My son is 3 and a half and being assessed for possible autism/learning difficulties.

We saw the Paediatrician on Monday who requested we have blood and urine tests to rule out certain things and to test for fragile x.

Unfortunately last time he had blood tests he got hysterical and his strength was unbelievable. It took me and two members of staff to hold him down. My husband had to walk away as was too upset.

Is there another way to do these blood tests at all? I have got some magic cream but he doesnt even like a doctor listening to his chest and tries to fight him off!

Is the best answer just to be strong as it is for the best? Cant really explain to him as he isnt verbal and if he gets scared/threatened he just lashes out.

Thanks for any help. x.

TotalChaos Wed 06-Jul-11 16:15:19

sorry you had such a rotten experience with the blood tests. who did the blood tests last time? When ds had blood tests for similar reason they went better than I thought, as it was with a children's phlebotomist, who was v quick and businesslike, didn't try to chat to him etc which worked well.

Cathwyn Wed 06-Jul-11 16:25:05

It was in the paediatric ward of a hospital so I assume they were used to taking bloods from children.. I am hoping it was a one off and Ive got loads of sweets and juice ready to take with me. But Im not too hopeful, I cant even bribe him to have his haircut..we're all covered in chocolate at the end!! If we can get someone just to do it quick as they did with your ds maybe we can get it all done while his attention is on the sweets or his toys? Cross fingers.

Thanks for your reply x

brandy77 Wed 06-Jul-11 16:52:28

In my experience with my son who has numerous lots of bloods/canullas fitted since he was 5months old, now 6.5 years, you can do nothing except hold him very very firmly and while youre doing it feel a complete and utter cow for doing it sad My son is also ASD and he will never ever get used to having blood done.

The least awful experience we had was being in a tiny weeny room with just a huge bubble machine with fishes in it and my son was given the controller to change the colours of the water BUT i was still sat facing the machine with him straddled on my lap facing towards me and one of his arms behind my back with the doctor doing the bloods. Having them straddled on your lap gives you a much better grip as you can bear hug and then the jobs done a lot quicker. Still not very pleasant, especially if its your first time

ilovesprouts Wed 06-Jul-11 19:08:50

they normally have other nurses to distract them whith toys and flashing lights etc my ds2 had blood tests at 2year old he was ok then but now takes 2 to hold him down

growlybear Wed 06-Jul-11 19:24:38

My dd had bloods done and they had a dvd playing for the children-maybe that may work.Feels horrid when you have to hold them i know.x

Al1son Wed 06-Jul-11 19:44:11

DD2 (8) has AS and recently needed bloods in A&E. They brought a couple of books and things to distract her but she wasn't having any of it. In the end four of us held her down and just did it. It wasn't pleasant but I wished afterwards that we'd just done it that way in the first place.

She also found the sensation of the cream being applied and the dressings they put over them just as distressing as the needles so I won't be bothering with it next time.

My advice would be to hold him facing you in a very tight hug and let them get on with it as quickly as they can.

It's not nice but it doesn't take long and he'll forgive you before you forgive yourself.

Good luck.

zzzzz Wed 06-Jul-11 19:56:17

Tell him what is going to happen, hold him very tight and count slowly, tell the Dr he has till the count of 50 and then you are going to let go. Nurse holds arm [if they look young wimpy or stupid tell them you are gonna be mad if they let go], you hold the boy. Firm no nonsense, your calmness will help him and the counting gives you something to hang on to. You may need to do this again so it helps to just have a routine and go for it. Favourite choc/sweet after or dvd.....

Things that DO make a difference...get him to drink lots and make sure he is hot, washing with hot water or gloves or just over dressed. Your veins are bigger and juicier and the blood is easier to get if you have him in that state...gross but true!

Cathwyn Fri 08-Jul-11 10:37:39

Thanks for all your replies.

We went yesterday to have his blood tests done. did try and explain to him what was going to happen and he was ok with the cream and dressings.

But it was still horrible. He screamed and screamed and it took 3 of us to hold him, me (in a bear hug), my husband to hold his head looking away from needle and bribing him and another nurse to hold his arm still. he was so upset and they had to take about 10 little bottles of blood, it took ages!!

But its over now, thankfully..and I think hes forgiven us x x

TotalChaos Fri 08-Jul-11 18:10:55

sorry it was so grim. at least it's all over with now, and hopefully he'll never need such extensive bloods again.

PipinJo Fri 08-Jul-11 18:19:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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