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Confused about statements

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janx Tue 05-Jul-11 20:15:01

I live in London and da 3.7 has recently being given a dx by the Nuffield for severe verbal dyspraxia. At the moment he attends a non sch nursery 3 days a week in an adjoining borough from where we lives and receives no help from that local authority. He has been getting speech therapy in our borough but not that much. I managed to get the speech therapist to model a language group at nursery as nothing was being done there. That therapist left in february and we have lost that link with the nursery. It has been suggested we could apply for a sch nursery place at a mainstream sch with a language resource unit attached. They decide places through a panel without a statement. There is no guarantee he would get a place but he does fit their criteria.
Mean while my NT dd goes to a different sch nearby. I thought I should apply for a statement in case he doesn't get a place. Have looked at Ipsea website and tried ringing but never get through. Not sure what I need to ask for and what do I need to send them in initial request. Current nursery are a bit clueless - could I get more help there if he stays or should I be looking for statement for when he goes to sch?
Long post!

EllenJaneisnotmyname Tue 05-Jul-11 20:45:10

Before he goes to school, ideally so that provision is in place by then. It takes a minimum of 6 months, and that's if there's no 'issues' such as a refusal to assess, or a poorly written statement which you disagree with etc. You can request Statutory Assessment yourself, there's a standard letter on the IPSEA website. You will need to have some evidence for the LA to agree to assess. What professionals have you seen? Paed at Nuffield, SALT, OT? Copies of their reports. Can his nursery call in Early Years area SENCo for help? Or is there a problem because it's out of borough? If they do refuse to assess, you can appeal as soon as you want, preferably with some more evidence. Getting the language unit sounds ideal, but how about past nursery age? Would you be guaranteed a place in the school? If not a statement will be required then, so the sooner the better. I'm not sure how it works in provision out of your own LA, may need to move nursery back into your own LA if language unit doesn't come off.

janx Wed 06-Jul-11 15:25:51

Thanks Ellenjanisnotmyname - he was seen by an audiologist and a SALT at the Nuffield. I have a lenghty report fronm them. I have report from a paed too. I have looked at the model letter on IPSEA - would you suggest sending the report with the initial request?
The Senco at nursery is pretty clueless so I am not sure what help she would be

EllenJaneisnotmyname Wed 06-Jul-11 16:04:50

Is there a summary page to the report if it's really detailed? You are trying to get the LA to agree to assess at this stage, when they do assess you can include the full reports. But it's a fine balance, you need to have enough information so they will agree to assess, but not so much that they won't bother reading it. Lots of LAs seem to refuse to assess at first try (cynical me would say to put people off) but cave in before appeal goes through. You'll need something from the SENCo even if just a letter describing what concerns they have. Good luck. smile

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