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zisforzebra Mon 04-Jul-11 22:58:03

We saw the paediatrician today hoping to get a final dx for DS (9) but he was still waiting for the OT report, the assessment was done in may.

He said without the report he's unable to give a definitive diagnosis but said that he's probably dyspraxic with elements of Asperger's. He asked if we'd think about getting a statement. DH immediately said yes, he's a statemented Play leader at an Infant school and said that it's the best way to protect the help that is currently being provided by the school. The Paed was keen too and said that he'd write with his findings to the SENCO so they were aware (we'd already mentioned that he thought DS might be dyspraxic after our last appointment)

I don't know if it's necessary as the school have been great and he already has 1-2-1 sessions with a TA and fizzy at school and SALT sessions outside school. DH pointed out that without it, the help could be withdrawn at any time. We're lucky that DS has a great teacher atm (he's in year 4) but his year 1 teacher was awful and he made no progress in anything in that year (see my year 1 parents' evening rant here. My fear is that we end up with someone like that again and he'll just be left in the corner to his own devices without the statement.

I guess my head is spinning a bit about the next step. sad

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