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Seems like my son just screams and shouts 4 hours+ per day. Medication?

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mumoftwolittlerugrats Sun 03-Jul-11 23:55:32

I'm at my wit's end, sorry to put it on you all.
My 4 yr old, who's going through assesments for autism, and has very delayed speech, he seems to scream constantly.
Not sure how much more I can take.

He screams when most people try talking to him (which is normal for him).
He screams if Ido his seatbelt up for him (forgetting that he likes to do it).
He screams if I do his shoe up and he wanted to do it.
He screams if I make him a drink and take a swig mysel.
He screams if I go to the toilet and he wanted me to go to another room.
He screams if I put my shoeson and he wants me to take them off.
He screams if I start dancing.
He screams if I pick his little brother up.
He screams if I sing a nursery ryhme for him and don't get the words right.
He screams if he was planning on walking a different route while out and I go another way.
He screamsif his litle brothertouches his toys.

His screams are peircing.
And he has a set sentence of very colourful language he repeats to anyone who crosses him, which goes somthing like this; 'asa f***ing h*ll, asa not not f***ing b****d, stupid asa h*ll, useless b****d.
And he'll repeat that word for word if a stranger carried on trying to talk to him.
And of course the stranger will look at me in disbeleif.

I'm sick of apologizing, he must repeat those words 30 times a day, me and my partner do NOT swear around him, we ignore him, hoping he'll forget those words.

I can see when he's acting like that screaming and swearing he's really distressed, so I give it a minute and bend downand ask him what's wrong, then he'll repeat his line of swearing in a softer tone, which again I ignore (no reaction at all) and I try and change the subject.

Generally he seems unable to communicate, we get the odd spark of communication, but otherwise he's just so angry.

I can't believe he can shout somuch. There's so much screaming.
He even bites his lip and has wide eyes a lot like he's very anxious sad

Me and his dad love him so much, we often put him to bed together and always spend lots of time giving him lots of reassurance and affection.
It helps a little, but for everyday life when there's nonstop screaming I do wonder about whether some relaxing drug could help him?

Any knowledge on thisanyone?

wileycoyote Mon 04-Jul-11 00:10:52

Didn't want to leave this unanswered. I also have a screaming four year old with ASD. It is really hard, but if it is any consolation his language now seems to be coming on and he has stopped screaming QUITE so much..

mumoftwolittlerugrats Mon 04-Jul-11 00:15:55

What kinda things can he say now?
Does he understand how old he is and what his name is, and 'if you do this, you can have that'?
if so when did he learn those things?

I'm at aloss with realising how severe his problems are :/

IndigoBell Mon 04-Jul-11 06:33:52

He probably is very anxious a lot.

I don't know anything about medication. Hopefully someone else will be along soon who does know.

But for reducing anxiety I have 2 suggestions. Firstly exercise, diet and lots of sleep. A bath before bed. And starting the day with exercise. All of those kind of common sense things can help to a point.

My second suggestion is that his anxiety can be caused by him having retained the baby Moro (startle) reflex. This means any time he gets startled at all he is flooded with adrenalin.

You can get rid of his retained reflexes by doing retained reflex therapy. It's not cheap or easy or quick. But it is effective.

mumoftwolittlerugrats Mon 04-Jul-11 09:12:20

Thanks, I'm gonna try sticking to a more regimented routine to see if it'll help.

I'll mention that to the health visitor

mum0fthree Mon 04-Jul-11 10:48:42

Hi my ds screamed constantly (it felt that way) from six months until three. As his speech developed the screaming lessened. He has now replaced the screaming with crying but its not as frequent as the screaming was.

not sure about drugs.

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