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When your child has a statement how should schools monitor progress and keep records?

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starfish71 Sun 03-Jul-11 11:22:24

Hi, haven't posted for ages but still lurk so hope will be still welcome. Really need a bit of advice and information.

DS (7) ASD is due to start in a learning support centre for ASD in September. Finally won the battle for a placement, LEA offered place before going to Tribunal so was very relieved. His current mainstream school have not been great in putting in place any recommendations etc and have always been very vague about what they do with the 15 hours of support he gets in his statement. I must admit for many months I concentrated on getting the placement for September rather than badger the school.

Last week I went in to see DS's records, after the second time of asking and some support from pupil support as I don't think they wanted me to see them! Needless to say there wasn't much there, one sheet which was a pupil tracking record with some NFER results on, copies of reports which were used to form the statement, copy of statement and that was it.

What I am trying find out is, is this all they are legally required to do? I really thought that if a child was statemented that they would have to keep records of what they do to implement the statement, how many hours went for speech and language therapy, reading, number work etc. When I said this I was told the way they do it is to write on his books what he has done. I am going in next week to see all his books.

Reason I am asking is I do feel they don't know what they are doing and although DS is leaving, am angry that he hasn't had much support. And I am seriously thinking about putting a formal complaint in. The school is not known to be very additional needs friendly.

I am looking forward, DS will be receiving the right support from September but I know they have let him down.

Any advice? Thanks x

Starchart Sun 03-Jul-11 11:53:58

I think it is important to move on, but also important to record the fact that this school have not met his needs.

At the very least there should be IEPs.

You can write to them and ask them to forward you his progress records and IEPs as they appeared to be missing from his file when you went to look at it.

You can also ask them for their SEN policy and how they generally keep track of children with SN and their progress.

You don't have to DO anything with this information yet, but you might find it useful in the future.

Goood luck.

TheCrunchyside Sun 03-Jul-11 12:01:20

Hi starfish
Didn't see your thread before I started one on a similar topic. Depressing that I'm not alone in getting v little feedback for ds on progress.

starfish71 Sun 03-Jul-11 12:23:50

Thank you starchart and Crunchy for replies. Yes there were IEP's there but not the evidence that DS has met those targets etc. I will ask for any progress reports but I really don't think there are any..

It is depressing that you go through all the stress of the statementing process, then schools don't do much with them. The SENCO actually told me before DS had statement that he wouldn't get any more help than he was currently getting, sadly it has been true. And to show just how little they know/care about SEN she told me, when talking about DS's new school, 'Oh I believe they have these work stations where the child can work without being distracted' She was being serious.. Just one of the things that is in all his reports from Autism advisory teacher, EP, SALT, in statement etc. Says it all doesn't it?

Sorry am sounding bitter. It is a fab LSC attached to a small mainstream where DS is going but it is 17 miles away and will require transport when his current school is just 15 mins walk away and with the right support and the will to do it there should be no need for him to change schools.

flyingmum Sun 03-Jul-11 12:37:29

There should be records of programmes of study. For example if say a phonic reading programme is being put in place then they should be alble to say that they are on y page or have covered so many sounds.

If he is on a social skills programme then they should be able to list what topics have been covered.

Actually wanting an hour by hour account is a bit much bt they should be able to tell you that he gets
x amount of support in class per week
x amount of one to one tuition per week
x amount of small group support per week.

The one to one and small group should be identifiable with literacy, maths or social skills.

Frankly. We have 3 weeks to go. I would leave it. Start afresh somewhere new.
Good luck.

Starchart Sun 03-Jul-11 12:44:47

You're not asking for progress reports because you think there are any, you're asking for them because you know there are not and want them to admit to that in writing.

Starchart Sun 03-Jul-11 12:46:52

And, if you can do it logistically, pull him out of that school right now and have a couple of weeks going to museums and theme parks whilst they are empty. They'll be no repercussions and you'll not have the chance again.

Starchart Sun 03-Jul-11 12:47:31

YOu can blame the school for taking him out i.e. they can't demonstrate any progress so there is no point in him being there etc.

starfish71 Sun 03-Jul-11 17:15:45

Thanks flying mum for reply, they are the school of vagueness when you ask them to clarify anything and senco can't look me in the eye when I ask for details. I am very thankful as you say that DS's time there is very nearly over.

Starchart thank you, you know I might well do that. I will certainly not stress whether he goes in or not this week then try and make plans for the last week of term and just not send him and do something fun with my boy.

Thank you smile

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