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Unstable Pelvis????

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LunarRose Sun 03-Jul-11 11:19:51

DS is being referred to physio for as he might have an "unstable pelvis", anyone have this and no what it means??? I can't find any info on the internet at all.

Background: he has a funny gait which affects the way he walks and runs (hips swing alot) and is quite prone to overbalancing.

mrsbaffled Sun 03-Jul-11 19:39:16

Hello, my pelvis is a bit unstable, but only because I have had 2 children(!) it causes me problems with pain in the pelvic area and going down my legs. Also instability in one area causes compensatory problems elsewhere, like pains in the back. Physio helped me by improving by core stability (eg inner muscles trained up to hold pelvis in place better).

Might be totally irrelevent (as I am a grown up)? Hope Physio helps DS x

LunarRose Sun 03-Jul-11 20:00:10

No very useful - and about the only info I have thus far. DS has dx of ASD. I had wondered if he found walking painful but have no way of knowing :-(, hmmm... perhaps I need Pilates for him as well as me (infant style)

sneezecakesmum Sun 03-Jul-11 22:46:28

Do they mean hypermobility?

Look this up and see if its a possibility, its basically loose ligaments around joints causing instability, but not as far as I know usually called unstable pelvis. (not that I know much!)

LunarRose Sun 03-Jul-11 23:04:19

ATM the diagnosis is just ASD but I wondered whether it was medic speak for investigating hypermobility (like global developmental delay with speech and lanuage delays seems to mean considering ASD),

he is very bendy and have wondered whether he is in pain when he walks distances without a break; because when we were trying to get him out of the buggy he would walk for a bit and then just stop and you couldn't get him walking again at all (we have a SN buggy perscribed now). So no it really wouldn't surprise me if this is what they were thinking.....

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