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finally!! a date for the full assessment

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saladsandwich Sun 03-Jul-11 09:01:33

got the letter through yesterday and it's for this month!!! can't believe it, now just got to worry and panic about whats going to happen!?

is it so wrong that i am worried they are going to turn round and say he is just an "average" toddler? i get it so much i sort of believe it myself and that it's all my fault and it's me just not coping with him.

also worried about the endless questions, no idea what to expect so really nervous, i don't trust drs at all, been questioned by one dr before because ds had a bruise and some scrapes down his leg where he'd fallen on a concrete step, ds is always falling over, he throws himself down constantly and for some reason he doesn't feel pain as much as other children so not sure if he does it for the feeling but this dr got on my nerves so its really put me off.

i wish things where simple X

TotalChaos Sun 03-Jul-11 09:08:29

your worries are completely normal, on the one hand you don't want them to say that he's fine, you are imagining it all, but on the other hand you don't them to say that there's anything significantly amiss with his development. It sucks at this stage I am afraid.

In terms of the questioning - expect loads of questions about behaviour/development/milestones from birth on, and even about PG and birth.

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sun 03-Jul-11 13:24:41

Just as a matter of interest, having a high pain threshold is another possible sign of ASD, if your DS is hypo-sensitive to touch. My DS had a high pain threshold as a toddler, but now at 11 makes more fuss over a bump than a toddler!

I'd say have a list of your concerns, and another list of questions you want answering, such as "What do you think the problem is? When will you be able to DX? What do you recommend I do? Are there any courses I can go on?" etc. If you don't have them written down you are always in danger of forgetting about them, especially if/when you are a bit emotional!

TotalChaos Sun 03-Jul-11 13:37:15

oh yes, either at the appointment or afterwards (phone up cons. secretary if need be) make sure they tell you what happens next and appropriate timescale, so you can chase up any further appointments/referrals if need be.

saladsandwich Sun 03-Jul-11 19:23:00

thanks, im getting the jitters real bad lol... honestly the pain thing, never known anything like it, he doesn't move when they do the diabetes skin test on him, blood tests he cries at being held rather than the blood being taken and he was once runnign around the hospital play room ith a canular in his foot and a massive cellulitis skin infection on is thigh, it never bothered him, he does cry occasionally when he falls though and does like a cuddle after.

really can't get out of my head they are going to say he's fine, think i'm going to write a list now and keep a diary the week before i go xx

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