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Change of rules at Thorpe Park

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LocalSchoolMum Fri 01-Jul-11 22:15:01

I took my dc (Aspergers) plus 2 of his school friends who have been looking out for him at school to Thorpe Park for the day and found the rules have changed for disabled children. Now only 1 person can accompany the child with the wrist band on most rides (previously it was up to 3), which makes it quite difficult for 4 people to spend the day together. When we arrived, we also had to produce the diagnosis document again, despite already being on their system.
I also noticed that compared to the previous time I went to Thorpe Park, there were very few disabled people in the Park - i.e. when we did use the exit pass, we were the only people there, which has probably not happened before.
I filled out a complaint form, as this really spoilt our day out. Just wanted to warn people as it came as a complete surprise to me.

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