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DLA. I'm confused!

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Galena Thu 30-Jun-11 20:25:38

So... DD is 2.2 and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy (diplegia) a few weeks ago. It's pretty mild from what we can tell and mainly affects her legs. She is just beginning to walk - very wobbly, and an 'interesting' style, but making progress finally! She has neurological insoles in her shoes and they are discussing splints too.

We attend a local CDC twice a week for physio-based play and a special needs swimming group once a week. We also do a number of exercises and physio at home several times a day.

When we were given the diagnosis, the paed said she would get her family worker to come and help us fill in the DLA form as she was 'good at it' and knew how to phrase things for a successful application. I've also been told it will be backdated to the date of diagnosis a few weeks ago.

I'm confused though - what sort of award can I expect, honestly? Looking at it I don't think she'll get the mobility bit yet because she's too young, although she'll be 3 in 10 months so do we reapply then for the mobility bit or will they take it into consideration now? Can I also apply for Carer's allowance? I chose to be a SAHM when she was born so it's not that I've given up work purely to be her carer due to the CP.

I don't want to be money grabbing, but a number of people in this country (No-one on here, I'd like to point out!) claim benefits they aren't entitled to, so I'd like to make sure she gets what she is entitled to and I can't lie - a little extra cash would be helpful.

Sorry, this is a bit muddled (madam didn't have her nap today), but hopefully you'll be able to find the questions and may be able to answer them! I'll just drink my wine

farming4 Thu 30-Jun-11 20:40:45

Hi not sure about mobility but ds gets middle rate for care and that lets me claim carer's allowance. I'm a sahm and have been since before ds was born - all I had to do was claim and its not means tested - it depends on the number of hours you care for the person and the rate of dla that person gets.

WhoWhoWhoWho Fri 01-Jul-11 12:28:28

You can't claim for mobilty part yet but like you say, you can when she is older.

The care compenent comes in three rates lower middle and higher, if you receive middle or higher you can also claim carer's allowance.

I would say definitely apply, having someone help you is a good idea as you are used to your daily routines and the family worker will be able to point out times of the day (or night) when you do more for your DD than her peer's parents do.

I receive DLA for my son, I had reservations about claiming it but in the end I did and I use the money for things he needs such as 1:1 swimming lessons, special swim pants, replacing broken/worn out items, having larger trousers altered to fit his pull ups into a pair of school trousers, etc. Also receiving C.A means I could concentrate fully on my son - he was regressing developmentally in his childcare setting which was very distressing at the time.

HTH smile

starfishmummy Fri 01-Jul-11 14:38:26

If you have a look at the form (on line if you dont have a paper copy) for the sorts of things they will ask about and then keep a diary for a while it will help; so things like how many times a day you do physio, how long for etc; how often you have to get up in the night etc.
Also download or get guide for claiming DLA from Cerebra, which is really helpful

Galena Fri 01-Jul-11 21:11:34

Thanks all, that's really helpful. Here we go...

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