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advice on visual aid

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iwearflairs Thu 30-Jun-11 12:56:18

Hello all,

I wondered if any of you out there with an AS/ASD child who is extremely competitive can help me with this one?:

DS loves to win, and falls into a sobbing, flailing heap if he loses, or is just learning something and doesn't get it straight away or if he perceives that he is 'failing' at something (thank you Nintendo). It's partly because he is a perfectionist, partly because of motor planning difficulties (can't imagine the steps or see the big picture), partly because he was born terribly competitive that it becomes a problem.

Have any of you seen/developed a visual aid that could help him see that --

a) if he has a bad game that doesn't mean he is getting worse/is no good at something
b) making a mistake isn't the end of the game
c) it's the same for everyone

I could do a sort of visual chart to show progress? We did have a social story but it didn't seem to sink in really. Any suggestions gratefully received!

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