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being aggressive and destructive

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saladsandwich Tue 28-Jun-11 20:03:08

my ds 2 and 6months broke me yesterday, he refused to go to sleep, was sat on his bed and started hitting me and grabbing my skin and pinching me, jumping on me, i had to leave the room for 5 minutes to calm down in that 5 minutes he ripped his blind down, half his curtains, he's broken his bed bouncing on it, head board and bed guard, took his nappy off and pee'd on the floor, he just really wore me out for hours running about in circles screaming high pitched, head butting me throwing all his stuff out of his room ect... i have no idea what caused it

someone please tell me this isn't normal and i'm not going mad, sick and tired of people telling me his behaviour is normal, i'm tempted to set up a video in his room and film him at it to show the health visitor but he doesn't do it every night. nursery think hes about 12months behind, his speech definitely is X

EllenJaneisnotmyname Tue 28-Jun-11 22:22:41

That's quite extreme, salad. I don't have enough experience, but videoing his behaviour and the after effects seems like good evidence. I'm just bumping for you really. Who have you seen, so far? GP, Paed, CAMHS?

HansieMom Wed 29-Jun-11 01:44:57

It's not normal! He has a lot of rage. Strength beyond his size. It seems to last for quite a long time too. He has a lot of ways to express his rage--hurting you, peeing on floor for you to clean up, throwing out his own toys, destroying his environment. It is like he can express anger like an older person--he doesn't just throw a tantrum like a two year old. I hope some of this helps. Does he see anyone else express rage? Videoing it would be very helpful.

IndigoBell Wed 29-Jun-11 09:29:41

You're not going mad.

He needs to be seen by a child development peadetirican. Go to your GP and ask for a referral. He's got development delay, speech delay and severe behaviour problems....... And he therefore needs to be assessed.

Good luck.

AlysWho Wed 29-Jun-11 09:36:13

I agree with whats been said, and I hope you're ok? its very hard going through what youre going thro, and I want to send you a virtual (( HUG )).. if its any consolation, lots of us have been through it too,(and somehow survived ; ) - it does get better, WITH the right help, so i hope you can start to get it, take the advice from here!.. take care. x

saladsandwich Thu 30-Jun-11 15:34:12

hello, since ds did his mega blow out he seems to have settled a little but its really hard, i'm on my own... he is still waiting on a full assessment by the peadiatrician, he sees peadiatricians for medical problems and there is caf meetings in place he sees SALT who have said he's behind but his play is age appropriate (nursery agree with me that he's about 12months behind), i feel i'm the only one who sees the bad behaviour, although nursery have said he rolls on the other children alot.

im seeing someone about his behaviour tomorrow hoping they can give me some guidance and help to manage him, he can be such a loving boy and when i can engage him he will play but there is no reason i can see for this aggression.

i feel i cant talk to anyone because they dont understand, i told my best friend about what he'd done and she just said "yeah mine trashes his room" but its not the same as toddler trashing, this was aggressive not playing and my ds doesn't trash things when playing, all his toys he keeps together.

thankyou just for reading i honestly feel i am just someone who doesnt cope with a normal toddler at times but deep down i know ds isn't the average child X

saladsandwich Mon 04-Jul-11 19:17:33

sorry to bump but had another bad day with ds, im starting to wonder if its the change in routine on a monday morning? not had much sleep last night probably around 3 hrs but he has kept on and on and on. started the day with a battle with my washing line, just kept pulling everything he could reach off it, took me 40 mins to peg it out, then he ran into the road on the way to play group, picked him up from play group and had dinner at the local cafe and he just screamed through it, threw spoon after spoon on the floor, squrted a full carton of milk on the floor, threw his cup on the floor, ragged the table all over but atleast he ate it all.

got home and he has nipped, pinched, hit and just defied everything i have asked of him apart from potty training, no accidents in the 4 hours he was out of nappies so really proud of him, got lots of praise and he did loads of wees, hes done really well so i feel bad grumbling.

hes getting hard to get to bed though at the minute really hard, wants me and my attention all the time is it normal for a 2 and half year old to want 100% attention and not play on his own at all?? xx

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