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Possible ASD or GDD ?

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spiritsam Mon 27-Jun-11 21:23:19

Hi have so far seen Speech , OT and Paed from Child development team . Speech are going down Autism route , OT says def sensory things , Paed says think it's GDD . Daughter is just 3 and Paed has put her year at least behind . Have the group meeting next monday . Anything i should ask and can anyone tell me a bit more about GDD please ? x

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 27-Jun-11 21:38:37

GDD is often used as a catch all working DX until the Paed has more evidence that it could be something more specific. It just means that more than one area of development is delayed, eg speech, gross motor or social, etc.

If the SALT is looking at ASD, it's probably worth reading up on. I've heard a good piece of advice on here that it will do no harm to treat your LO as if they have ASD, but it could do a lot of good. If OT are thinking sensory issues that could tie in with ASD also.

How are you feeling? You are always welcome to offload on here or just have a rant. There are lots of understanding ears. smile

spiritsam Mon 27-Jun-11 21:58:44

Hi EllenJaneisnotmyname
Thanks for your reply smile I am not sure how it all works i think they get together before we all do on Monday ? Do they all need to agree ?
I really think ASD . I have posted a couple of times but life has been hectic as single mum to a v busy girl . One good thing about Paed today she has referred for testing for Caeliac and couple other things , getting white pigment patches checked and food intolerance clinic referral .
DD does not feel pain , seeking pressure according to OT , loses words , likes spinning , running round in cirlces , lines thing up , likes set routines but can be flexible , likes company but happy on own too , obsessed with wires and sockets , no idea of bodily funtions the list goes on . Oh and has only ever pointed at something once recently and said what it was but she is getting better at waving .

On SALT visit she could follow a few requests such as give doll a drink but could not pick out the correct picture card for any item asked for .
On OT visit she kicked off bit time throwing chairs and toys .
Paed visit she did every wooden puzzle without thinking about it even the age 4 ones . But when Paed asked her name she had no idea , does not know she is a girl and when asked where winnie poo was she did not look .

I am guessing you have probably been through similar ? x
Sorry to go on !

EllenJaneisnotmyname Mon 27-Jun-11 22:17:39

Hmm, my DS has ASD and a lot of what you said sounds familiar. But paeds are really reluctant to misDX, which is fair enough. I asked at my DS's initial appt with Paed and SALT what they thought it could be and they did mention ASD. He got his DX 6 months later, after a few more observations by the Paed and work from the SALT.

I'd let the Paed know that you were thinking ASD, sometimes they're reluctant to 'label' but the label gives you power, I think. You can research, start to help your DD with some knowledge behind you, start getting training, get support for your DD at nursery and school. ASD might not be the right DX, obviously. It usually takes a multi disciplinary team to DX. Hope you get some answers soon.

spiritsam Mon 27-Jun-11 22:28:06

Thank you . Will do . It's just a waiting game , in for the long haul x

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