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Tease Statement for Aspergers. Incapable finding the words.

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Oblomov Mon 27-Jun-11 18:06:18

I have another thread running :
and it was suggested I started a new thread. Please could you help me out here. I seem unable to write anything, without it coming out , twaty school, twaty school thta. Not good.

This isn't like normal statement letters, where the parent wants statement and thinks they are entitled to one, and are just trying to persaude LEA that they are.
My letter is a joke. I mean we're not seriously expecting to GET a statement. Am only using it to kick schools ass, into doing something, ANYTHING.

If i'm not careful, my letter will sound very bitter.
Diagnosed by Dr xxx date xxx, but school won't do :a,b,c. In fact school wont give him SA or IEP. school do NOTHING other than emotional literacy, starting 2 months ago. school see no problems and insist his needs are being met. Now EP (CAMHS suggested, as part of his ASD / AS diagnosis letter, that he was assessed by EP) refused to assess him, saying he is not complex enough and she has spoken to the school, who insist his needs are being met.

What sort of letter would that be. Awful. How can I change it to make it sound better ?

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 27-Jun-11 19:04:11

You could write a stiffly worded letter to the governors of his school along these lines anyway but it won't ultimately achieve anything in terms of this school making any long term policy changes (I don't think your son is in the state school system?). He has and continues to be failed by them; they don't care really because its not their child but they have failed him badly.

You need to channel your energies elsewhere now.

Your son really needs to be in another school, that is what I would focus on. In the meantime work on applying personally for a Statement for him; they are for social/communication difficulties, not just academic needs.

All this is necessary because in another 5 years time you could be then possibly be looking at suing the LEA for educational negligence.

Oblomov Tue 28-Jun-11 07:39:10

Attila, I know you said about changing schools on my old thread. But, I still have my driving licence revoked by the dvla, and am still fighting to get it back, trying to persaude them that my diabetes is not a risk. I can't drive anywhere. So I would struggle to get him to any other school. If I get my licence back, it opens more doors, but at the moment, school moving is not so easy.

tabulahrasa Tue 28-Jun-11 08:59:35

I wouldn't worry about the fact that you're not really expecting to get a statement out of it...

use the ipsea letter

I believe that (child’s name)'s special educational needs are as follows: * here's where you put the diagnosis information and what you believe his needs are.

My reasons for believing that the school cannot on their own make the provision required to meet my child’s needs are: Despite his needs listed above, the only additional support being provided is emotional literacy once a week.

The school are right, they will completely dismiss a statement I'd imagine, but they'll also make reccomendations to the school - I'm in Scotland, we don't have statements, so I somone could come along with better ideas, but that's how I'd play it. I know a few people that have used the assessment request (well the equivalent)as a way to make the school acknowledge support needs, it does seem to make the LEA hassle the school about the fact that they should be doing x y z before a parent ever has to contact them.

CQrrrnee Tue 28-Jun-11 09:19:28

IPSEA letter is a very good idea. I think IPSEA recommend writing to the chief education officer to request the statement (stating the reasons). You could also speak to your MP the LEA won't assess. Your ds's school sound very arrogant.

mariamagdalena Tue 28-Jun-11 10:44:03

And you could add that he has very substantial difficulties (list them) but appears to temporarily mask his needs at school, [find some sort of reference for this being possible with a high iq and good verbal skills: there are lots] with a consequent deterioration in his ability to (whatever problems it causes at home that seem most 'educational' in nature)

Since diagnosis, the school have implemented an emotional literacy programme, however because many of his problems are complex, they are unable to evaluate his other needs effectively. Statutory assessment is required to see whether increased provision under their well-regarded SA and SA+ procedures might allow him to make adequate progress.

In my view, he will require very substantial input which is different from and additional to that needed for other children, and is likely to exceed what his school provide at SA+, thus I think a statement of SEN will be required.

Oblomov Tue 28-Jun-11 12:43:54

Maria, you use the word complex, but the Ep said she would not assess him, becasue his needs aren't complex.
And he is not on SA+. He isn't even on SA. He has no IEP. Becasue the school see no problems with him. So I can't mention SA+.

EP hasn't even had his referal letter from senco yet. or seen his diagnosis letter. Just 'had a chat' with the senco.

I will do as you say. And mariam, thank you so much for the copy of your letter, you sent me, gave me lots of ideas. thanks alot.
I had seen IPSEA letters before, but I couldn't work out how to phrase my sons issues.
I mean they are basic. If the school just did some of the basics. Partnership with oparents, said the LEA would 'laugh it out of court, when I made the application, and would be horrified that the school hadn't done any of the basics. I think the LEA will see this as some sort of joke.
Oh well.

CQrrrnee Tue 28-Jun-11 12:45:53

just make the application - the school aren't going to support you either way

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 28-Jun-11 13:54:37

PP often work in close partnership with the LEA themselves so they are not independent anyway (laugh it out of court indeed, they won't).

You're in Surrey I think; use SOSSEN's services and contact them.

A child does not have to go down the SA/SA plus route anyway in order to receive a statement; a person can go straight to Statement.

Your son's school has and continues to fail him. I sincerely hope you get him out of there asap.

Oblomov Tue 28-Jun-11 15:21:41

Attila, thank you. Have just rung SOSSEN. so nice. She said don't apply for statement. Surrey are playing silly buggers at moment. and lots appeals, more in lieu, which is even worse.
Surrey is known to be one of the worst at turning down, recently.
She said she will talk to colleagues about me, at their meeting tomorrow, and advise me what they also think, what other experiences parents have been having recently.

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