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Who wants to write my SENDIST appeal letter for me?

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Starchart Mon 27-Jun-11 16:45:08

I resent giving them my life. It is their paid work to get this right. It is my spare time which is already incredibly lacking (or non-existent and squeezed out of my ability to be a half-decent mother).

It's ABA round 2.

Starchart Mon 27-Jun-11 18:44:14

I guess not grin

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Mon 27-Jun-11 18:53:07

oh star, I'm sorry to hear it's got to this stage . . . again. Can you not copy and paste the last one grin If they are anything like my lea they see their job as protecting their pot of money, to them tribunals cost nothing as they already have a full time team that do nothing else, one more on the list is inconsequential sad

Starchart Mon 27-Jun-11 19:22:01

LOL at copy and paste.

I found a good and ethical legal firm today. But still way out of our ability to afford, especially as it would seem that it is personal against us and therefore will be annual tribunal rather than annual review. hmm

mariamagdalena Tue 28-Jun-11 10:53:05

Sorry to hear you're back there star. I'm guessing that as it becomes clear to tribunal that you are making an annual trip, they will be more and more likely to rule in your ds's favour. And remember that you are constantly getting better and faster at churning out this stuff, and your hawk-like eye for ABA style data means your evidence will be accurate and honed, and theirs will be wooly and rubbish.

Might the legal firm be prepared to do a certain amount for a fixed fee, with you plugging the gaps rather than doing everything yourself?

Starchart Tue 28-Jun-11 11:01:12

I dunno whether annual tribunals look like agressive parents tbh.

And we had more evidence last time than we do this time really, but I have learned that evidence can be quite immaterial sad

Lougle Tue 28-Jun-11 13:35:38

Oh Star sad

Well, you know that these things are formulaic, right?

My advice would be to really strip it all down. Take the emotions right out, and decide what you can truly say is 'essential' for your DS's educational needs, what is 'desirable' and what is 'ideal'.

When you have done that, accept that a tribunal is not going to go for 'ideal' measures, but that you can push the desirable into the essential with some clever wording.

I know in the past, it has been said to 'shoot for the moon'. In a lot of ways, you need more than anything to show yourself to be a conscientious parent, who simply wants an adequate education for her son.

Try to avoid complicated sentences. Keep everything clear, plain English. Win the tribunal over. Don't try and win the War this time, just see it as one battle.

And ofc, I would help in anyway I can if you genuinely need it for the letter. But, you are very able.

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