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nadia77 Mon 27-Jun-11 15:55:41

has anyone tried this therapy? for dc with asd, i'm currently trying this but getting mixed results after first appointment he was very happy hyper started saying lot more words, but after second appointment he's been very moany and tired now i have third appointment tomorrow i'm not sure what to expect pls let me if anyone has tried this.

BlackL Mon 27-Jun-11 18:55:10

Hi, prob not going to be much help, but I have just started a course of cranial osteopathy. They say my wee mans back of head was damaged during childbirth (foreceps) and it was blocked which was creating problems with posture, listening, concentration and coordination.
Apparantly it can help alot of other problems like sleep etc.
Not really sure if it will make any difference but willing to give it a shot. i will keep you posted.
Think like to osteopathy you will probably need to give it some time to see the results. Easier said than done! :-)
Good luck

bubble2bubble Mon 27-Jun-11 21:55:16

I take both Dds to a chiropractor who specialises in children & also does cranial therapy. I honestly think the results with dd1 were fairly miraculous ( she has verbal dyspraxia & asssociated difficulties) - she always came out of he appointments very relaxed and always wanted to go again.

At the second or third session the chiropractor did a lot of work around dd's lower back & pelvis and from that day she has never again wet the bed - after wetting 3-4 times a night for years. It definately helped hugely with her balance & posture as well.

I started off extremely sceptical but would now highly recommend. FWIW the first couple of times I went to the same chiropractor for myself I had horrific headaches afterwards but once this passed I felt fantastic. - could be worth giving your DS a few more sessions to give things a chance to settle

nadia77 Mon 27-Jun-11 22:47:53

thank you to both for getting back to me i will carry on but it is exhausting! i dont know whats worse him being hyper or moany! but i guess time will tell pls keep me posted how you get on black and you too bubble

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