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toilet training for ds2 help

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mum2202 Sun 26-Jun-11 22:24:00

DS1 has CP and is double incontantant aged 7 DS2 is nearly 4 and still wears nappies for no2 im at a lost as two how i can get him to sit on the toilet to do them. He is fine at weeing and goes to nursery without a nappy but its only for a few hours a day. But he will hold his poo in all day until he gets a nappy. He thinks because DS1 wears them its ok for him too. He starts school full time in sep and im worried that he will make himself ill if he holds it in all day (been down movicol route with DS1 and don't want to end up there again).
I have tried too incorage him and reward chats they have not worked.

Any ideas would be helpfull if you have been in the situation before.

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