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bethramsden Sun 26-Jun-11 21:24:03

I am hoping someone can help me, i have been reading my sons medical notes and have found some horrific accusations/diagnosis against me and i am putting together information to fight it all with the help of the area manager of asbah, in 2004 my son had additional help in school as he has no bowel control and very little bladder control,( he was 5/6 years old,) he was "awarded" 5 hours assistance for toileting needs. I would like to know how does statementing work, who does the statementing and who makes the decision for help and where does the funding come from, and where would i get a copy of the statement from etc??? many thanks mums this is a very distressing topic and one i think i may need a lot of help with as i collate information...

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sun 26-Jun-11 21:47:19

Does/did your DS have a Statement? Either the school or the parents request Statutory Assessment of a child's needs from the LEA or LA. The LA request various professionals to assess your DS and provide them with reports. These can include paediatricians, educational psychologists and anyone else who has been providing services like a SALT and the school itself. Parents are also requested to provide their parental contribution.

Parents should be in the loop throughout the process and supplied with copies of all the reports. If it is decided that a statement is required you should get a copy of the proposed version, then unless you have any problems with it a final version is issued. It will list your child's needs, what provision will be provided to support those needs.

Link here to the SEN code of practice which specifies all this. HTH

bethramsden Sun 26-Jun-11 21:52:02

Hi and thanks, i have no idea what happened all i know is he was awarded 5 hours additional finding through local authority to help with bathroom needs, but part of the munchausens diagnosis i have is from the school who said that i claimed my sons incontinence was worse than it was yet they were the peopple who informed the funding was in place.. i am so confused and upset but because i am going back to 2004 things are hazy and funnily some of his medical and school notes are missing. but the notes of the school and drs insisting my son is a child protection case are still there!!! they claim i wasnt giving him laxatives for severe constipation so i was making him ill... but 6 yrs later and still incontinent ds was diagnosed with spina bifida which as i am sure you know is a problem there from birth, so i was justified fighting now i am fighting for more care and also to have this non existent diagnosis removed frm mine and ds medical notes it's a huge nightmare and im almost at end of tether fighting sad

EllenJaneisnotmyname Sun 26-Jun-11 21:59:17

Blimey, Beth, that sounds terrible. Contact the LA SEN dept and find out whether your DS has/had a statement, and if not, where the funding came from for him in primary school. You can also contact your local parents in partnership or partnership with parents, funded by the LA but there to provide you with independent advice about educational issues. Google it within your LA.

Your poor DS having this disability and it not being recognised by the doctors. And accusing you of Munchausens, really good luck.

utah Sun 26-Jun-11 22:02:11

generally the SEN budget is shared with the school with a pot held centrally for the top up of children with statements for complex needs. This is my document form from where I used to live. It is newer than your dates and each LEA has different policies but it will give you an idea on funding. Money for physical needs can be granted without a statement of educational needs. Sorry to hear what you have gone through and still going through.

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