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think dd has dyspraxia waiting for a referral. she has problems sleeping

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tinkbig Sun 26-Jun-11 20:24:00


dd is 5 years old goes into to bed fine and reads for abit then she keeps coming downstairs saying she can hear noises outside, that she cant get to sleep etc
we stay firm and keep putting her back then she starts getting really upset and wont go down atall
she always asks to go into our bed which is downstairs next to the loundge seems to go to bed straightaway whether she feels more secure
we then move her into her bed before we get in

r we doing the right thing
is she having trouble sleeping cause of dyspraxia or other problems


CherryMonster Sun 26-Jun-11 23:04:26

hi, my ds2 (10) has dyspraxia and also has sleep issues. not so much with getting to sleep, but he does go to bed quite late anyway, but with staying asleep and not needing a lot of sleep. he can be up for the day anywhere from 3am, and only seems to actually need 4-6 hours sleep a night. this has been an issue for around 6-7 years now, and melatonin did help for a while, but not long.

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