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Probiotics - is Culturelle (or similar) available on prescription?

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PoopyFingers Sun 26-Jun-11 12:18:59

Dietician has advised supplements, including probiotics, for DS1, 3.11, who possibly has ASD.

I have looked online for the best ones, and I like the look of Iflora and Culturelle, as they have more strains / strands.

Are these available on NHS script?

Also, fish oils, are these available?

mariamagdalena Sun 26-Jun-11 21:26:07

Probiotics aren't prescribable on the NHS. There is an exception for one particular licensed brand only for people who have a severe inflammation of a surgical 'pouch' (a colostomy alternative).

Fish oils: again there is one prescribable brand, which is only licensed for people who have had coronary disease.

Was it an NHS dietician?

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